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Superiors: None
Difficulty: Easy to Average
Guides: This is the guide
Access: You can fly through walls
Duties: Eat the crew's life force, strangulate people, transmit spooky messages, cry when the chaplain hits you


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Revenants are ghosts that have been infused with strange magical (read: alien) energies and brought partially back into the mortal plane. They are invisible to the naked eye but can still be influenced by mortal means (i.e. lockers). In addition, simple machinery or animals will recognize a revenant's presence and be alerted by their existence. Revenants are typically immortal while invisible, but some of their spooky abilities will reveal them to the crew for brief amounts of time.

Becoming a Revenant

Revenants are created by random events. You must have the Revenant preference toggled on in your preferences to be eligible. If alt-tabbed, it is always worth tabbing back when you hear a 'ding', as this usually means you're being offered the chance to join as a special role.

Delicious Life Force

So, you're a newly-spawned Revenant. One of the first things you may notice is that you look badass you have a little counter in your status tab with a number and an E next to it. That's essence, and it is your most important resource. Your maximum health is controlled by this number, and it will regenerate up to 75. If your essence hits zero, you will die.

Anyway, most of your abilities are behind a lock, and you need to have some essence to unlock them. To get essence, you have one ability by default: Harvest. This can be used while next to an unconscious or dead humanoid to gain a small amount of essence. Corpses only give a small amount, and you can't drain the same corpse twice. You'll need to get creative or wander around for a bit to find those juicy souls. Note that while you're harvesting something, you can be seen and attacked by the living.

Perfect Souls

The holy grail that all Revenants strive for; perfect souls can only be gotten from those truly blazing with life! When you harvest a sentient, living humanoid, there is roughly a 35% chance to obtain a perfect soul. Drain your victims while they sleep whenever possible.

Perfect souls increase your maximum health by 25, thus also increasing how much essence you can use without harvesting more souls.


Below is a list of all the abilities a revenant can use.

Name Unlock Cost Use Cost Cooldown Stun and Reveal Times Description
Harvest Unlocked at start N/A No Cooldown Stuns and Reveals for 6 seconds. Activated by clicking on a target, Harvest will cause you drain essence from an unconscious or dead humanoid - the essence gained is slightly random, but depends on their state; A base 15-20 just for harvesting, an added 20-30 if a sentient soul resides in them, and another 40-50 if they still live! If they're unconscious when you do this, they will also die.
Transmit Unlocked at start N/A No Cooldown N/A Allows you to send a spooky message to a single target. Can be cast in walls.
Overload Light 100E unlock cost 45E use cost 20 seconds Stuns for 2 seconds, Reveals for 8. Causes nearby(13x13) light fixtures to, after a brief, spark-filled delay, shoot bolts of lightning at anyone still in the area, doing medium damage but stunning and releasing lots of sparks.
Defile 75E unlock cost 30E use cost 20 seconds Stuns for 2 seconds, Reveals for 10. Defiles the nearby area(7x7), removing holyness from nearby tiles, corrupting tiles and walls, damaging windows, causing lights to flicker, and causing a large amount of stamina damage to humans.
Malfunction 150E unlock cost 45E use cost 15 seconds Stuns for 3 seconds, Reveals for 6. Causes nearby machines to malfunction(9x9), with a low chance of emagging machines. Also stuns cyborgs and emags bots instantly.

Fighting the Unholy Menace

So you're a crew member and you just saw a guy with purple lights flowing out of him leading into a spooky blue ghost. You've shouted over radio and now the crew know. Revenants can range from annoying to amazingly dangerous, and the more corpses they drain, the more powerful they get. However, there's a few things you can do to fight Revenants.

First of all, get the chaplain. Their null rod is incredibly powerful against the Revenant and will drain large chunks of essence from them. The chaplain may also use holy water to bless floor tiles, blocking the Revenant from passing over them. These spooky ghosts of grief can be tough to fight, being incorporeal the majority of the time. After they use an ability, they are slow and vulnerable for several seconds, ripe for toolboxing! Wait for them to drain someone or reveal themselves to go ham on their ass.

Generally the most powerful Revenants have ridiculous amounts of essence they don't need to kill for and can even be helpful in some scenarios if it can forward their own power. Just be careful of them and note that they'll be willing to double-cross you at any time.

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