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Superiors: Chief Medical Officer
Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Guides: Guide to Medicine, The guide you're reading right now.
Access: Medbay, Psychologist's Office, Morgue, Primary Storage, Secondary Storage
Duties: Solve everybody's mental problems. Starting by straithjacketing the clown.

Medical Department

Departmental Head
Chief Medical Officer

Medical Roles
Medical Guides
Medical Areas

As the Station Psychologist (Or a Psychiatrist or a Therapist), you are tasked with identifying (and solving) personal and mental issues within the station's crew. This is a job that you may or may not be able to accomplish successfully. If need be, you have the power to deem someone mentally unstable and effectively strip them of any authority they might've had.

You are not another Doctor, your job is to help mentally, not physically.

Psychology and You

You are now in charge of the mental well-being of the entire station! Nanotrasen has entrusted you with the unenvious task of keeping everyone around you stable (or at least contained if they are beyond your help).

It is worth noting that much of the crew would deem themselves to be perfectly sane, and it is up to you to determine the psychological status of those around you (especially those in a command role).

First, you should start 'advertising' around the station for anybody who could use some psychological care,and make sure to check the brig and the Medbay for any patient\prisoner that could need some help.

After doing this, and after you've got a poor, lost soul that needs your help, it's time to move to the next step!

Using Medicines!

You should give medicines to your patient only if they really need them, not just for using him as a guinea pig!(But that's indeed funnier) Also, you should make sure that those pharmacs don't alter his thin mind, otherwise you're just damaging him instead of helping him.

And,you should NEVER give them drugs, because, for RP reasons, you're basically messing up even more with his poor, damaged mind!(If you do this just for fun,you're a terrible person and you could even get banned!)


Yes yes,you can basically strip everyone of their rank by writing a report and explaining how their mental issues should interfere with his job, damage other people's job or even start going on a full-madness rampage!

However, this should be the last resource that you'll use as a Psychologist, because it means that you've failed to reach a connection with the patient's subconscious and he basically rejected any treatment or help that you've tried to give him.(This means that you've failed as a psychologist)

If your patient is a Head, then you'll need the permission from the Captain and atleast of two other heads for successfully demoting him, besides that detailed,well-written and correlated with proofs of the head's insanity report, or it will be your word against his.(And guess who's going to win?)

Security and You

It's possible you might eventually bump heads with Security. After all, many criminals are crazy mentally impaired and many of our less stable friends turn to a life of crime. Now, before you write a report damning those godforsaken nerfherders, there are a few options to consider. The first thing you should do is ask the Head of Personnel and Head of Security for access. If you have reason to believe you need access, (Or you don't, depending on the Heads) they might grant you brig access to treat those insane convicts. Otherwise, don't mention it unless you REALLY need to get in there. Then go to Internal Affairs and complain. It's unlikely going to the Captain will be much help, as he has more important things to worry about.

Roleplay tips!

  • You should be the nice, helpful guy everyone want to meet in their life,and your goal should be that every patient that comes for you should go away free from every sad thought and/or traums.
  • You should also make sure that every clonated guy hasn't seen his old body and,if they've seen it,you should help them before they go nuts.
  • Last, but not least, you should even deal with the PTSD(Or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that some crewmembers could show after having witnessed something really bad happening.


You'll have a hard time trying to gain access somewhere that isn't part of the medical department,and going too much around the station will surely arouse suspicions...but you can use the excuse of 'Searching new patients' as a passepartout! Also,if you manage to... psychoanalyze a Head you can kill him, tell the other Heads that he has vanished and he's probably roaming around mad and they'll start a search for that poor soul! Throw people into dangerous situations under the pretense of exposure therapy! Break into the Brig to help those poor psychos! At least,being part of the Medic staff, you're allowed to try and 'help' whoever you think needs psychological care... just use your imagination and you'll probably end up as Harley Quinn!

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