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Superiors: Chief Engineer
Difficulty: Easy
Guides: Guide to Engineering, Hacking, Guide to Construction, Solars and this page.
Access: External airlocks, Maintenance, Mechanic Workshop
Duties: Make and maintain vehicle(s)

Engineering Department

The mechanic is a Karma unlocked job which can be accessed for 30 points. This job has little to no station responsibility and less access than engineers. As such, your main responsibility will be constructing and maintaining space pods for yourself or the crew. In a typical round you'll mostly find yourself making a pod then zooming around the station until you run out of fuel, destined to float in the far reaches of space forever.

The Final Frontier

You start out in an area near the engineering section of the station. However aside from the mechanic's workshop you begin in, the only other areas you have access to are maintenance. Despite this, you have everything you need to start building your first space pod.

The Right Tools

On your person you begin wearing your jumpsuit, a hardhat, and a toolbelt with an inventory of all the basic tools including wire. Within your small workshop, you will see a mechanical toolbox with replacement tools as well as a full stack of glass, metal, plasteel, and metal rods. Additionally, you will see two items which are very important in the pod building process, a pod core and a pod circuitboard. All of these tools will allow you to create one space pod. To your left, you will see a set of blast doors and a forcefield which exits to space and only pods can move through it. Keep in mind you don't start out with eye protection. So be sure to get a welding helmet or goggles before you start working.

Building a Pod

Pod Civ.png

Creating a basic pod for civilian use is quite easy. If nobody has broken into your workshop, you have all the tools to make one at round start.

  1. Plasma.png Load all of the sheets of metal, glass, and plasma into the spacepod fabricator.
  2. Exofab.png Use the spacepod fabricator to fabricate all 4 pod frames and the pod armor of your choice.
  3. Pod frame part.png Place all 4 frames into a 2 by 2 square, rotate the frames to their correct positions by left-clicking on them.
  4. Wrench.png When properly placed, secure all frames with a wrench
  5. Rods.png Use 10 rods on one of the frame parts to make a space pod frame.
  6. CableCoils.png Use 4 lengths of wire on space pod frame.
  7. Screwdriver tool.png Use screwdriver on frame.
  8. Mainboard.png Insert the pod circuit board. You can get more of these from the circuit printer in robotics.
  9. Screwdriver tool.png Use a screwdriver on the frame.
  10. Core.png Insert the core. You can get more of these from the fabricator in robotics.
  11. Wrench.png Use a wrench on the frame
  12. Metal.png Use 5 sheets of metal on the frame.
  13. Wrench.png Use a wrench on the frame.
  14. Welder.png Use a welder on the frame.
  15. Pod armor civ.png Use a pod armor type on the frame.
  16. Wrench.png Use a wrench on the frame.
  17. Welder.png Use a welder on the frame.

Your space pod has been completed! You can now enter it and fly around at your leisure. The interior is pressurized, but unless you are using your own internals you will need to activate the space pod's air tank in order to breathe properly.

Repairing the pod

So, you somehow damaged your pod and need to repair it? Fret not, repairing is a straightforward process.

  1. Crowbar.png Use a crowbar to open the maintenance hatch.
  2. Welder.png Use a welder to repair the damage.
  3. Crowbar.png Use a crowbar to close the maintenance hatch.

Changing/upgrading the battery

  1. Crowbar.png Use a crowbar to open the maintenance hatch.
  2. Empty hand Midnight.png Use an empty hand on the pod, take out the old battery.
  3. HCell.png Insert the new battery.
  4. Crowbar.png Use a crowbar to close the maintenance hatch.

Pod Equipment and You

There are numerous pieces of equipment you can add to a pod, or can exchange to upgrade pods.

Name System Description
Weapon taser.png

Spacepod Equipment (Taser)

Weapon A weak taser system for space pods, fires disabler beams. Starts as the standard for security pods.
Weapon burst taser.png

Spacepod Equipment (Burst Taser)

Weapon A weak taser system for space pods, this one fires 3 at a time.
Weapon laser.png

Spacepod Equipment (Laser)

Weapon A weak laser system for space pods, fires concentrated bursts of energy.
Pod taser.png

Basic Mining Laser

Weapon A weak mining laser system for space pods, fires bursts of energy that cut through rock. Similar to the proto-kinetic accelerator
Pod m laser.png

Mining Laser

Weapon A mining laser system for space pods, fires bursts of energy that cut through rock. Similar to the super-kinetic accelerator
Pod w laser.png

Enhanced Mining Laser

Weapon An enhanced mining laser system for space pods, fires bursts of energy that cut through rock. Similar to the hyper-kinetic accelerator
Cargo ore.png

Spacepod Ore Storage Module

Cargo An ore storage system for spacepods. Scoops up any ore you drive over. In order to use it, drag an ore box onto the pod to load it in.
Cargo crate.png

Spacepod Crate Storage Module

Cargo A heavy duty storage system for spacepods. Holds one crate. Similar to the ore storage module, but for other kinds of crates.
Sec cargo chair.png

Spacepod Passenger Seat

Secondary Cargo A passenger seat for a spacepod. Starts as the standard for security pods.
Sec cargo loot.png

Spacepod Loot Storage Module

Secondary Cargo A small compartment to store valuables. In order to use it, with the module in the pod and the hatch closed, use an open hand on the pod to access its inventory.
Lock tumbler.png

Spacepod Tumbler Lock

Lock A locking system to stop podjacking. This version uses a standalone key.

Spacepod Tumbler Lock Key

Lock A key for a spacepod lock. To use it, use a blank key on the lock system to set the key for the lock system. When the lock system is in the pod, you can use the key to lock and unlock the pod.
Pod locator.png

Spacepod Tracking Module

Misc A tracking device for spacepods. In order to use it, activate it with a screwdriver before inserting it to the pod.

What else can I do?

Aside from making pods for yourself and the crew, not a whole lot. Because you will have essentially free reign in space, you can help out your engineering partners by wiring the solars if you manage to get a hold of a space suit. Additionally, you can simply zoom off into the unknown reaches of space, trying to find loot for yourself and those in research.


You will have access to the best get-away vehicle on the entire station in addition to free tools. Due to your mobility it will be extremely difficult for enemy authorities to catch you, with only your rival, the Security Pod Pilot to stop you.

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