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Supply Area
General Description
Obvious exits: Mining Station
Purpose: Mining ore, fighting dangerous beasts for fun and loot
Access level: Mining
Noteworthy contents: Ores, hostile creatures, Megafauna, ash storms, deadly lava
Clearance: Shaft Miner (Quartermaster and Captain also have access, but should not go here)
Security level: None
A lava planet used for mining.

Lavaland is a very, very large, randomly generated lava-themed area used for mining. It contains a variety of ores to be mined, hostile fauna, rare items and treasure, and potential spawn locations for ghost controlled characters.

Welcome to Hell

Lavaland is the volcanic mining outpost for the Cyberiad. Here, miners toil away among the ash and soot to uncover that precious plasma that Nanotrasen values so dearly. There's plenty of other metals and gems available to mine, most of which goes to science and engineering for their various projects. Of course, this place has plenty of dangers to it, along with great treasure for anyone brave enough to face some of the more dangerous challenges this planet has to offer. Face great beasts in battles to the death, hunt down ancient and magical treasures, meet with the locals, kill the locals, and bring in massive hauls of ores for those sweet mining credits.


Lavaland is usually the most dangerous location that a person can reach from the station. A combination of natural, supernatural, and unnatural hazards make it a place not for the faint of heart. Only go if you are properly equipped to face the threats present on the planet.


Lavaland is an innately dangerous place. There are plenty of hazards that make it dangerous just to walk outside the safety of the mining base.

  • Atmosphere: Lavaland has a very thin atmosphere. The low pressure won't cause harm like space would, but there's not enough air to properly breath, leading to suffocation. Internals are needed at all times while outside the outpost and survival shelters.
  • Lava: The floor is literally lava in many places. Stepping on it will immediately ignite you and deal heavy burn damage, quickly killing if stood on for too long. Can only be traversed with mechs, lava boats, or while under the effect of items or abilities that give lava immunity. Fire resistance alone isn't enough to protect from the burn damage.
  • Chasms: Bottomless pits dot the landscape, swallowing up anyone and anything that falls within. Chasms can be leaped or flown over, and the Wormhole Jaunter can save you from death if worn on the belt.
  • Ash Storms: Ocasionally, a storm of burning hot ash will sweep the land, dealing consistent burn damage to anyone standing outside. Everyone on lavaland will recieve a message a minute before the storm starts, giving you time to find shelter or activate a survival capsule.


Many wild creatures roam the planet's surface. All of them are hostile. Make sure you go equipped with weapons such as the Kinetic Accelerator, else you'll end up dead at the feet of the first monster you come across.

  • Legion: Dead bodies that serve as host to dangerous floating skulls. When threatened, the Legion will release these skulls to attack you while the creature flees. Should you die with one of these skulls present, your body will be reanimated as a legion. The legion is fairly weak and can be killed easily. When killed, it'll drop a legion soul, which can be used to moderately heal the user. The soul will go inert if not used in two minutes, which can be prevention by using a stabilizer.
  • Watcher: A flying eyeball with tendril for wings. The creature shoots a freezing beam any anyone nearby, slowing and burning in the process. It has a fair amount of health, but can be quickly dispatched with little fuss. When butchered, it will drop two diamond ore, along with bones and sinew, a crafting component for tribal gear.
  • Goliath: Goliaths are hulking beasts with a tough hide and tendrils that can ensnare prey. These are the toughest of the normal fauna, so caution should be used when fighting them. It's slow, and a quick sidestep can avoid it's grabbing tendrils, so keep out of melee if possible and keep moving. When butchered, the goliath will goliath plates and bones, which can be applied up to three times to your explorer suit to armor it, or used as crafting components for lava boats. They will also drop meat, a nutritious meal that can be cooked on a fire or lava.
  • Tendrils: Fleshy spikes that stick from the ground and release endless waves of monsters. Although they don't move or attack, the monsters they spawn may make it difficult to approach. Should the tendril be killed, it will drop a Necropolis Chest containing powerful loot, but will also create a fast expanding chasm soon after it's death. Grab the chest and run as soon as it's dead to avoid falling to your doom.
  • Megafauna: These creatures are massive beasts that can and will kill you in just a second. DO NOT APPROACH UNPREPARED. Should one come after you, run away as fast as you can, taking care not to accidentally lure it towards the outpost or your fellow miner. Only engage with strong armor, strong weapons, plenty of healing items, and with backup.


Despite the desolate nature of Lavaland, there are people that manage to scrape out a living in this ashy wasteland. Some may be friendly, other... not so much. These inhabitants are player controled people that are spawned by using the Mob spawner menu in the Ghost menu while dead. Be aware that taking one of these roles will prevent your old body from being revivable.

  • Ash Walker (Hostile): A close cousin of the unathi, Ashwalkers are the tribal inhabitants of Lavaland. Worshipers of the Necropolis, they sacrifice dead bodies to the tendril in their nest to quickly grow and hatch their eggs, quickly increasing the size of their tribe. They can only speak Sintha’Unathi (The Unathi's native language), have deformed hands that prevent the use of guns, and have digigrade legs that prevent them from wearing most shoes. They are fiercely protective of their sacred hunting grounds, and may attack any intruders on sight. Extreme caution is needed with interacting with them, as they may turn hostile in an instant.
  • Syndicate Agents (Hostile): Nanotrasen isn't the only corporation with an interest in Lavaland. The Syndicate have set up a bioweapon development and monitoring facility on the planet. Their base is extremely hard to reach, surrounded by lava and sentry turrets, making entry very difficult. The agents come equipped with machines for developing chemical and viral weapons, and also have a comms center for monitoring radio traffic, PDA messages, and station cameras. They won't leave their base unless absolutely needed but still come equipped with deadly weapons should they need to defend themselves.
  • Seed Vault Caretakers (Friendly): In an attempt to preserve and spread life amung the planets, these vault created by an unknown race litter multiple planets across the galaxy. They are managed by Dionas, who spend their time growing and experimenting with plant life. This serves a a good place to test out botany without the pressure of having to serve the station. Although usually friendly, the Diona caretakers may fight back if attacked.
  • Beach Biodome Inhabitants (Friendly): Some crazy person thought it'd be a good idea to put a beach resort on this volcanicly active, monster infested, tribal owned planet. And then there are crazier people who think this is a good place to hang out. The biodome has a beach, bar, and dancefloor, for all of your sunny partying needs. A bartender and lifeguard run the establishment for the bodybuilders and beach bums that reside there. They're usually there to have a good time, so are unlikely to cause trouble for anyone.
  • Stranded Survivors (Unknown): On occasion, a person may find themselves stranded on Lavaland, either through their escape pod landing on the barren wastes, or being spontaneously transported there through some freak blue-space accident. The conditions vary from person to person, and due to this, these people may or may not be hostile towards the crew. Caution is recommended when contacting these people.
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