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Death Commando

Superiors: Central Command - Special Operations Division
Difficulty: Hard
Guides: No external guides.
Access: Everywhere
Duties: Exterminate the threat, as well as terminate anyone else on the station.


Departmental Head

Special Roles
Special Guides
Special Areas
Central Command • Elsewhere

Deathsquads are the penultimate agents of Nanotrasen, specifically kitted and trained for missions most would consider downright suicidal. Kept on ice for when an Emergency Response Team isn't up to the task, the Deathsquad consists of elite paramilitary operators employed by Nanotrasen for one reason and one reason alone: to blow it all to hell.

Welcome to The Team

The Deathsquad (Or Death Squad or singular: Death Commando or Deathsquad Officer) is a squad of commandos under the employ of NT Central Command's Special Ops division. Unlike the Emergency Response Team they operate off the record and, aside from vague rumors, their existence is a well-kept secret known only to Nanotrasen's Central Command. In a random selection of Ghosts in the current round, you will spawn in a room to the far right of the Special Ops division with all the required gear pre-spawned on your character. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with your weapons and equipment before heading out.


As a officer of the Deathsquad, Nanotrasen supplied you with highly dangerous weapons and military-grade equipment that can aide you during your operation. These are your vital tools to get the job done.


Item Damage Type Damage Purpose
Pulse Rifle
Pulse rifle.gif
Stamina/Burn 36 Stamina/20 Burn (Kill)/50 Burn (DESTROY) A Heavy-duty energy rifle carried by front-line combat soldiers. This comes with three settings: Disable, Kill, and DESTROY. The DESTROY setting will deal additional damage as well as melt walls and various other objects.
Unica-6 Autorevolver
Brute 60 Brute A military-grade sidearm for some CentCom officers as well as the New Russia Military, this fits on the belt. Holds seven rounds when fully loaded and comes with one set of spare ammo.
Energy Sword
Brute 30 Brute A special Energy Sword given to Deathsquad operatives. The sword needs to be turned on before it can be used. It also has a chance of deflecting projectiles.


Item Purpose Description
Plastic Explosives
Breaching from one wall to the other. This pack of explosives can detonate and destroy anything it is set on, after any chosen amount of seconds (10 seconds minimum). It takes 10 seconds to set this, and requires you to be un-interrupted. You can click it to set the timer.
Combat Stimulant Injector
Fast healing of wounds before, during or after the firefight. This hypospray is full of 100 units of expensive healing nanites, they'll repair nearly any injury except for broken bones and severed limbs. Apply the hypospray generously when you get injured to heal.
Advanced Magboots
Easy travel and mobility during Zero-G combat. A pair of advanced magboots that do not slow you down when active.


Item Purpose Description
Marauder Exosuit
Mecha marauder.png
A military mech capable of dealing heavy damage when regular pulse rifles are not enough. An exosuit only used for Emergency Response Teams and Deathsquad units, it is based on the Durand model and has several assorted weapons that have the capacity to deal massive destruction in a short amount of time. As well as it can receive much more punishment than the Durand exosuit.
Seraph Exosuit
Mecha marauder.png
A command-grade mech capable of dealing heavy damage when regular pulse rifles are not enough. This goes together with Marauder Exosuits. A command exosuit only authorized by high-ranking officers.


Item Coverage Brute Bullet Laser Energy Bomb Bio Rad Description
Deathsquad Suit
Generic deathsquad.png
Body + Limbs 80 80 50 50 100 100 100 A heavily armed, blood-red and black armor issued only for Deathsquad personnel.
Energy Shield
Energy Block (100%) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A A compact and easily transported personal shield projector capable of deflecting energy projectiles.

Your Mission

Your mission will be supplied to you either as you spawn or by a Special Operations Officer briefly after you spawn. The nuclear code will be in the handbook on the table to your left just as you leave your spawn room, as well as stored in your notes.

The Special Operations shuttle is at the southmost point in the Special Ops area. Once everyone is aboard use the console on the shuttle to start the launch. Above the Special Operations shuttle, there will be the Exosuit Armory, containing the heavily armoured Marauder and Seraph combat mechs. However, they're only needed when the threat is too dangerous enough for your fellow officers to go on foot. At this time anyone in an exosuit can move to the launch pads in the exosuit armory -- When the shuttle launches you'll be launched by the mass drivers and rapidly deployed to the station. Meanwhile everyone on the shuttle will arrive in the lower half of arrivals and the mission will commence.

At this point all you need do is follow your orders and stick to your training, and remember: No witnesses.

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