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Superiors: Chief Medical Officer
Difficulty: Easy
Guides: Guide to Cadavers
Access: Medbay, Morgue
Duties: Play around with dead bodies and clone them afterwards. Stop the chef from using the bodies for their gourmet meals. Make sure no assistants or traitors steal gear and ID's.

Medical Department

Departmental Head
Chief Medical Officer

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As the Coroner your job is to inspect the cause of death of any bodies that grace the halls of your domain, the morgue. You're expected to generate a full autopsy on each body you receive (yes even borged ones). You're also responsible for all the un-cloned corpses in your domain, lest you anger the lesser spotted ghost.

Morgue Colour Codes

Color Sprite Meaning
Gray Morgue1.png There is nothing inside the tray.
Red Morgue2.png The body is permenantly unclonable. (i.e: Player left server, Player already cloned, Player rejoined as NPC .ect)
Green Morgue3.png The body has a spirit inside of it, and is revivable.
Orange Morgue4.png There is something inside the tray, but it's not a body.
Purple Morgue5.png Either the body has a spirit but it isn't in the body, or it's uncloneable due to being a skeleton, or husked.


Upon receiving a body, place them on the surgery table then take a picture of it with your autopsy camera. You are then expected to generate a full autopsy. Head over to Guide to Cadavers to learn how, in addition, it's also prudent to use the body scanner to print off a report, after you're done with that use the dropper and drip a few drops of formaldehyde into the eyes of the cadaver (this preserves the body). Lastly, generate some notes on what you thought killed your cadaver. It's recommended you put all four of these pages together. Then, name it after the person you're autopsying, followed by "Autopsy Report" for example "John Smith: Autopsy Report". Be sure to make two copies of the report, one for your records, one for Security. Please deliver it to them at your latest convenience.

  • Labeling: As Coroner, it is your job to label the Morgue Trays, this means listing their names and cause of death. It's recommended you label both the morgue tray itself and the body bag it contains. You must also label bodies that cannot be cloned due to them being an EoC. This is an incredibly important task, especially to prevent EoCs from being accidentally revived. Medical Doctors usually forget about it when transporting bodies to the morgue.
  • Bagging: Most of the time you won't need to this because the Medical Doctors will take care of it, but if they are either too busy or too incompetent to do so remember to check the Cloning Lab for bodies being cloned, strip them and put them in a bag to prevent the newly cloned individual from seeing it. You might also want to check the Morgue Trays for Unbagged Corpses sometimes, although this is rare.
  • Body Loot: If a body is being cloned, ensure their items are being safely stored so no assistant can snag his valuables. If the body is not able to be cloned, contact the relevant department to come and take the items back or just chuck it down the disposals tube. If the body has contraband on it, contact Security to take it away. Be sure to deliver any IDs or PDAs you find to the Head of Personnel for termination.

The Vivisectionist Swordred.gif

You are entrusted with all the station's dead bodies. Help a friend out, or yourself, by misreporting the cause of death of a body, stuffing the morgue trays with other items so the light clone indicator light does not come on, and most importantly, stuffing your pockets with the deceased's valuables. You might also want to hang around cloning more often or take charge of watching over cloned personnel entirely, as the Geneticist will usually be too busy irradiating themselves to death to do so, anyway. This allows you to clone your fallen friends - but beware, as you will be immediately suspected of doing so. Additionally, your general medical access allows you to loot Medbay for supplies.

If you are a Traitor, consider getting an Agent ID. Passing it over every ID (including your own!) that finds its way to the Morgue before handing them to the Head of Personnel for termination will allow you to slowly build up more and more access without appearing suspicious by hoarding IDs. Similarly, a Changeling can use DNA obtained from permanently dead crewmembers as reliable disguises - those people are not coming back, after all. A Vampire can drain them of blood to stave off hunger without risking detection or suspicion.

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