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This article features obsolete content.

This article contains content which is no longer used in Space Station 13, (or at least Paradise, this server), this page has been kept for archiving purposes.

Engineering Area
General Description
Obvious exits: North to Engineering
Purpose: To contain the Singularity Engine or the Tesla Engine, and to harvest power from them.
Access level: Engineering
Noteworthy contents: Particle Accelerator Array, Radiation Collector, Singularity Generator, Tesla Generator, Emitters, Containment Field, Grounding Rods, Tesla Coils
Clearance: Station Engineer
Security level: High
The central area wherein the Engine is set up and contained, and where power collected from the engine is fed into the Engineering SMES array.
Discontinued Features/Species:
Xenoarchaeology - Skill System - Mutiny - Spider - Nucleation - Wryn - Malfunction(Game Mode) - NT Script - NSS Exodus - Epsilon Indi - Nations - Contraband Pre 2018 -NSSC Telecoms - Alien Artifacts - NanoUI
Discontinued Jobs:
Ambassador - Customs Officer - Nanotrasen Recruiter - Space Ninja
Old Locations:
Diona Embassy - Grey Embassy - Unathi Embassy - Vox Embassy - Kidan Embassy - Slime Embassy - Skrell Embassy - Tajaran Embassy - Art Storage - Research Outpost - Genetics Maintenance - Engineering Outpost - Construction Site - Derelict - Telescience Lab - Abandoned Mining Station - Containment