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Shade or Construct

Superiors: Your master.
Difficulty: Easy
Guides: No external guides.
Access: Depends on how corporeal you are.
Duties: Be spooky, try to obey your master's unrealistic orders and fail miserably.


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Cultists or a wizard can smuggle supplies to create more shades or even constructs onto the station! Depending on who was responsible for the creation of the construct, you may wind up with different looking minions. Prepare for spooky times, ghostly shenanigans and probable mass murder if there is an overabundance of you hanging around the station.


Shades and constructs are slaved to their masters will. Shade and constructs have to follow the orders of their master at any cost. Shades as well as any constructs are EVA capable and can manouver in space without outside aid. Should a shade or construct die, it leaves behind ectoplasma which can be used to make ghost-burgers (Or just eaten if you're disgusting like that). Constructs that were produced by a cultist are considered cultists for the purpose of communication and identifying friendly individuals.

Some constructs have special abilities, wich can be used similar to mime-, changeling- and wizard-abilities via the tabs on the right side of the SS13 interface. All constructs are immune to being stunned, but similarly their attacks have no stun chance like regular attacks. Most cannot be healed through conventional means either, requiring assistance from a specific type construct or to be recaptured in their stone. They are essentially very dangerous simple mobs.


Fragments of a far greater treasure from a bygone time, soulstones are all that remains of it, capable of tearing the soul of a body from it's current home and imprisoning it within the shard, enslaving them to the will of their taker.

Soulstones are used to house souls. They can be used to release said souls, into the form of a shade. Soul stones can only be used on dead or critical (below 0% HP) humans. When you do so it captures their soul into a shard. They will then become a 'Shade of X' where X was their name when alive, and they will exist in the shard.

Clicking on the soulstone will then allow you to summon the shade, or it can be inserted into a construct-shell to be made into one of the various kinds of constructs.

The chaplain also possesses a soulstone at roundstart, and so can start a miniature construct army of their own if mining happens to find a shell on the asteroid, but since it's against the rules for them to just go shard a corpse, caution is advised unless you want to suffer divine retribution.


Shades are red ghosts, and are solid in the same way humans are. When released, the receive the message:

You have been released from your prison, but you are still bound to Y's will. Help them succeed in their goals at all costs. Where Y is the person who captured their soul.

Shades are fairly limited in what they can do. They cannot interact with objects, and when clicking on a human or other mob, will attack them for 7 brute damage.

Shades are fragile, but being recaptured into their soulstone heals them. When being used by a cultist, they can fulfill the invoker requirement for various runes, even summoning if you're desperate/can't capture someone for your life.

Juggernaut.png Juggernaut

Juggernauts are strong, slow and have lots of health. They can destroy any wall by simply punching it and do more damage than Harvesters. They cannot be pushed or grabbed and make excellent body shields. Juggernauts are immune to any weapon of force 10 or below, such as fire extinguishers, harm batons, and large air tanks as well as having a chance to block laser based weaponry used against them. They also have the magic spell to create force walls to keep that piece of shit engineer from venting your base to space, or to escape from the bloodthirsty sec squad chasing them through maintenance.

  • Force Wall, 30 cool down (Creates an impassable, indestructible barrier on the juggernaut's location. Will eventually disappear.)

Wraith.png Wraith

The Wraith is a tiny bit more fragile than a human, but has a strong melee attack. The Wraith is capable of phasing through doors and walls using the Ethereal Jaunt ability. Very useful for killing off key persons far away from the Cult's reach, wherever they may be. One of their most popular uses includes eliminating the AI or assassinating hard to reach personnel by surprise such as certain security (Warden) or other Heads of Staff that won't stick their heads out of their offices.

  • Ethereal Jaunt,

Artificer.png Artificer

The artificer is even more fragile than a shade. Not suited for fighting but for construction purposes, the Artificer can however repair other constructs by attacking them. The Artificer has the following commands in the Spells tab. They essentially serve the purpose of expanding and maintaining your construct army, as well as a powerful support unit. Magic missile paired with a wraith's slicing attacks is a deadly combo.

  • Artificer, 180 cool down (Creates empty construct shell)
  • Lesser Construction, 10 cool down (Creates wall)
  • Floor Construction, 2 cool down (Creates floor with cultist tiles)
  • Summon Soulstone, 300 cool down
  • Lesser Magic Missile, 40 cooldown

Harvester.png Harvester

The Harvester only spawns should Nar'Sie tear through The Veil, they will stun and drag anyone they find back to their deity. It's also able to release a paralyzing smoke that will knock out anyone who doesn't have internals on. The cultists who summoned Nar'Sie will turn into these when he is summoned, dead Harvesters can respawn by clicking on Nar'Sie. They have a pathetic attack and are kind of terrible at everything, but they have the benefit of massed forces to overwhelm anyone that survived the cult up until the summoning.

  • Paralysing Smoke
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