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Another art dump...

Here's Jonah and Zeke being cute.

SS13 character (Meme redraws)





D&D characters (Meme redraws)





Main D&D campaign


Drawing of Auriel leaning in to kiss... someone
Auriel sleeping in a hammock, with Arui's and Holly's familiars and Auriel's steed.

My Fav. NPCs, cause they're cute.  Emelina and Aenwyn
Another backstory drawing piece for Auriel.  He's with some other kids, and he's not doing too well in his studies.
The party had to take a minecart at one point... it wasn't the best time for Auriel, but Arui and Holly seemed to be having a good time.  And Auriel's "mom" is the High Priestess Aenwyn.  


From a session a few weeks again,  the part was on an airship, to deal with a political matter... to try and stop a war from happening. when the air shook up a bit, some people fell out of their chairs.  Holly fell into Auriel's lap.

Afterwards, a stand off between a returning antag Lucien, who was pushed off of a train last time we saw him... and now he's back, and probably pissed off to seeing us again ruining his plans. 

In this stand off, Auriel perfectly deflected his lightning attack, and Lucien perfectly dodged Holly's fireball... 

Other D&D campaign


Party hung out in Dwarven's version of a Dunnkin' Donuts...  two of use got drunk, my character started singing, the dwarf hated every moment of it.

A drawing of Malthus, being fabulous. 

Multi-one shots D&D games


Flissa pulling on Quincy's tie... he was not expecting it.

Here's some backstory pieces for Quincy.  He was previously a Familiar who took the form of a crow.  While he's Wizard (Duan Zhi) was being attacked, he ended up taking a shot for her.  when he woke up he was all alone, and confused about waking up as a human and not a bird.
EtbSRmsWgAI8Mwn?format=jpg&name=large EtbSRm0XcAgF0Lw?format=jpg&name=large

EtbSRm8WgAUWL4Q?format=jpg&name=large While he doesn't know how he because human, the spell was casted by Duan Zhi herself.  Casting detect thoughts, she realized that they were out to kidnap her... not knowing what'll happen to her, she did this as a last resort for Quincy...

Thought this would be a fun interaction that would have happen some point before the whole transformation situation.


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