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Mining Warfare

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A new event type I just tested and want to try more of will be Mining Warfare.


Essentially, the syndicate will attack mining outposts. Players will work together to defend against them. Each wave/attack will be roughly 30 mins apart with time given to prepare defences.



The idea is to allow players some combat, especially with mechs, etc, while leaving the station in tact for those who don't want to participate.


Feedback is welcome and encouraged. It's still very rough.


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I've seen this done on D20 Station, but with Carp instead of Syndies. It worked out okay one time, another time it turned into a complete shitstorm.

The first time, we could trade the Carp meat we scrounged up for firearms and other such equipment, we set up a bunch of turrets and pretty much slaughtered the bastards, seeing as they were only coming from one place. The other time we have unlimited equipment but since there were like, six of us and the attacks came from every direction, the Carp very quickly overwhelmed us and left the station uninhabitable.


Question has to be will the war be PVP or PVE? Because in my experience Syndicate mobs are dumb as fuck.

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