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RCD changes and opinions

das bread

Opinion on RCDs? *rapid-construction-device*  

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seeing so many rounds go very quickly to one side or another based on rapid removing of doors, walls, and floors has spurred me to question the viability of RCDs as of their current state.

Maybe restrict access to technology levels?

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Engineering main here.

As of now RCD is critical for engineer's efficiency.

There's a breach?

Slapping it with RCD takes 0.1s.

Making metal rods then metal floors and applying it in correct order takes like 5 seconds.

This gets elevated when you have to make new room for BSA.

Engineering is not that interesting department anyway. RCD makes it a lot easier and pleasant.

IMO RCD itself could be restricted to tech levels, and could be made in protolathe, but cardridges have to be available in autolathe. And the tech lvl would need to be low.

I cannot speak about the RCD balance as I am biased. RCD my beloved.



@Miraviel made forum post couple months ago about changes in protolathe/autolathe/etc.

Cannot search it since I'm on phone. There were people talking about RCD me included. No idea if that post led to a PR on GitHub or not tho

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I almost never see RCDs impact the flow of a round in a major way. If access or flanking is that serious of an issue for the sec vs antag dynamic, welders, access upgrades, or the AI will basically always be an acceptable response. 

The primary use of RCDs I see is purely engineering use, and I don’t see a need to nerf personally.

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RCDs are somewhat necessary now, as Quark said, the alternatives are very clunky.

If I were to change anything about it, I would make them slower when it comes to removing things, especially airlocks. Otherwise, I find them fine.

If we wanted to make people less of a "we are not building station goals until we get an RCD", I think the alternatives should be made more comfortable to use. The duffelbag change helped engineering a lot, you can now bring a lot of materials on you - it is just not many people know about the slowdown changes (sadly). The usual chokepoint for me when building new places is circuits. They take up too much space in the bag. If there was a box or a satchel for example, that could exclusively hold basic engineering circuits/items (camera assemblies, apc/air alarm/fire alarm circuits, power cells), I'd be more inclined to build things away from cargo/engineering without the magical RCD.

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