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Crew Record: Capella

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Name: Capella
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Slime People
Blood Type: Slime Jelly

General Occupational Role(s):
Chief Medical Officer

Capella's biography can be found on this forum page

Basic Firearms Safety Certificate
Class 3 Hardsuit Operator's Certificate
Class B Personal Starship Pilot's License
Class CE Starship Pilot's License

Registered Nurse, Trans-solar Federation Society of Nurses - Specialising in Acute Internal Medicine
Grade C in the Clown School of Mildly Funny Jokes

Employment Records:
[26/11/2551] Entered into crew manifest on the ISV Shakespeare as an Assistant
[11/05/2558] Promoted to Acting First Officer on the ISV Shakespeare.
[10/06/2566] Hired by Nanotrasen as current role.

Security Records:
[Clearance: Security]
[CAUTION] Relatively new employee originating from unaffiliated salvage starship known to conduct business with less-than-legal markets on various frontier stations.

Medical Records:
[Clearance: Medical]
[26/11/2541] - Born on the ISV Shakespeare in the YZ Ceti System.
[27/07/2554] - Minor allergic reactions to key ingredients Space Cola discoverred.
[24/06/2566] - Serious injury sustained to the right hand during a construction incident.

Personnel Photo (Appearance text):
A lavender slime woman that appears around 4ft 4in (132cm) tall.
Her shoulder-length dark purple hair is tied back into a bun.
She has darker spots on her cheeks, like freckles.

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