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The radial menu-ing (Radial menu suggestion and discussion thread)

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I'm planning to change a lot of things to radial menus due to input being pretty buggy and radial menus having their performance fixed: so slap down what you think would be good with a radial menu rather than another thing.

In terms of making your own radial menus it's pretty complicated but you either 1. Make a straight list of items and slap them in a static list (Performant and you can use a bitwise operator to automatically change the list if need be, most flexible option) 2. Make an MA of the item (good for stuff that changes often and would result in a lot of codebloat, like the ctrl click swapping on mechas). Then slap that list into a `show_radial_menu` proc, with a anchor (often the user/item), the user, and the actual list of icons to show. Example of like show_radial_menu(usr, src, my_list), then you store that as a var, your code should structurally look like this now:

var/my_var = show_radial_menu(usr/user, src/user, my_list)

other options normally don't matter.


in terms of where these should be used it should be for stuff that uses input() and shows a table (AND IS NOT OOC, DO NOT RADIAL MENU OOC THINGS, EXTREMELY LAG CAN AND HAS STOPPED MENUS FROM PROPERLY DISPLAYING), and alert() stuff that can really be 3 options

right now I got a two radial menu prs up, being the holopara injector and the borg hypo. 

My current todo list is:

* station vendor circuit select

* advanced pinpointer

* telekinesis like abilities (dropdown to MA radial)

* ranged holoparasite (also moving it away from a verb at least)

* alt_click override for the 3 shot type guns (HOS gun for example)

* disco machine (Will probably need sprites for each of the song, TGUI would also be sweet on this)

* cardboard cuttouts

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