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Crew Record: Nap Northwood


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Name: Nap Northwood

Fake Age: 22 

Real Age: [Redacted]

D.O.B : [Redacted]

P.O.B: Brazil, Earth

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Blood Type: AB+

General Occupational Role(s):

Scientist, Mecatronic Engineer

Medical Doctor, Surgeon, Coroner

Cargo Technician ,Miner,

Research Director ,Xenobiologyst

Space Explorer, Explorer



Nap Northwood, Originated from Earth. (Currently living on his station next to a vulpkanin planet)

He lived all childhood studying, when he turned 20 he entered a local robotics lab, from there he worked until his soul departed from his body, and then he worked more, after 7 years of working in the robotics lab he got promoted to head of robotics (is similar to a research director, but exclusively to robotics).

Nap started to work in secret in a new design of robotic parts, with repaired themselves without needing tools or work, later his research got found and stolen by some colleagues, a week later he found who stole his creation, and he got to find the thief. After a month of research, he localized the thief, after some time Nap “dealt with him”

Years later Nap got fired for “stealing precious materials” but he didn’t stealed materials from his lab, but got framed.

2336-2340 Nap passed 5 years improving his research and careers record.

2340 Nap got in inside of a program of space exploration, after some good years of working, he was going to make his last mission before retiring for good, he and his own crew of self made synthetics IRCs, their mission was to investigate a solar system for new minerals or fauna, Nap didn’t had control of his ship and crashed into a strange planet with strange fauna and flora, after months of survival in a forest type planet, Nap repaired his ship using his IRCs as tools and minerals from the planet, before going escaping the planet Nap got attacked by a strange plant, after that he awakened in the headquarters of his work, he found that his IRCs saved his life and did managed to bring the ship back to a safe place and called for help, Nap had a strange feeling about himself after coming back, when he looked in the mirror his yellow to golden hair had turned into a gray to platinum color, after a while being in the hospital he retired from his job as captain and some time later he made his own robotics shop

After some weeks he bought a station and put between earth and moon, Nap has never been seen in the Earth after the incident.

2499 After the incident of his left arm, Nap looked someone too young to be him, Nap adopted a false age and started to visit another planets with other intelligent species, doing so he learned a lot of cultures, but all of his friends of these places eventually died of old age.

After years of going around planets and solar systems, Nap started to like Synthetics, because they are the only things that don’t die of old age.

Nap has pity for those who can't be friends till the end 



PHD in Human and Synthetic Surgeries

PHD in Xenomorphic Research

PHD in Xenobiology Research

Spaceship certificate license

Employment Records:

Earth Robotics Researcher – Head Of Robotics (2320-2335)

Earth Space Explorer – Captain of NeWTer (2340-2360)

NanoTrasen Incorporated – Science, Medical and Supply worker (2510-Current Year).


Security Records:

Year : [Redacted] Mr. Northwood Has been incarcerated for stealing high value materials from his lab.


Medical Records:

2399: Nap Realized something was terrible wrong with his health, after 39 years of being retired, Nap didn’t aged not even a inch, and his left arm was at a terrible state for no reason, he told to amputate his arm and put one of his designs. His original arm is being researched.

2515: After a psychiatric assessment Mr. Northwood showed that, his century old memories only appear in need situations, per example, his surgeon skills only appear when he is inside or thinking about a surgery room.

Maybe the patient can use his skills without those situations, but he can remember at will almost all of his past memories, but not between the time off his last earth Space exploration


Nap Has a Grey to platinum colored hair with golden eyes, remnant of his old self.



A Giant introvert and chill guy, he likes to talk and eat some sweets,

offer him some sweets and he I'll help you without thinking anything.


(Editor's note: I really think this have a lot of English errors, maybe I did it at 1 am, you don't need to tell me, I know i know, I don't even know if I can let my character have more than 100 years old if I can't I'll make some changes thank you for your time <3)

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