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Update Drug Possession Laws? - 103 Drug Possession - Gap in the law being exploited.

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2 minutes ago, NarrowlyAvoidingABan said:

Well my brother - you need to put the snowflake in when you search for me on discord first of all. 


No, I don't and neither does Discord.

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18 hours ago, NarrowlyAvoidingABan said:

Okay well no-cap i was just kicked or banned so check the audit logs lmfao

Unlinking your discord account auto kicks you.


I hate that this happens, but you were welcome to rejoin.

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On 11/22/2022 at 3:36 AM, Abydos said:

Even CM with Marine Law, has the same wording:


In Regard to this law of CM I might be able to give some insight to it. (in regards to drugs enforcement)
The key words here is in SOP and imparing most of the time MPs will ignore this law as it will go against the operation if normal marines use it.
Most mps and CMPs will only enforce this when used by civilians or other crew on the almayer or marines on the almayer that just keep using drugs its is a bit different in how Security enforce law in regard to how CM enforce law as it is tough to compare.

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