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Admin Complaint-Abydos


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Admin(s) Key: @Abydos
Your ckey (Byond username): Aligote
Your Discord name (if applicable): Aligote
Date(s) of incident (GMT preferred): 10/14/2022-10/20/2022
ROUND ID: Not Known
Nature of complaint: Clarification Required

Links to all relevant ban appeals for any bans related to this complaint:
Banned by Abydos: Ban Appeal for Aligote #1
Banned by Abydos: Ban Appeal for Aligote #2
Banned by Abydos: Ban Appeal for Aligote #3
(References to ban evasion are at the end of abydos' responses to #2 & #3)

Brief description (tl;dr here. Just the critical elements):
I was mistakenly accused by abydos, of ban evasion I did not commit in the second and third ban appeal threads I posted.
Full description of events:

  • I was banned on October 14th, 2022 and made an appeal on October 16th that was rejected.
  • I made another appeal on October 20th, this time getting a response from Abydos that referenced ban evasion I wasn't involved in.
  • I then made another appeal on October 24th that included a request for clarification on ban evading, which Abydos commented as me being disingenuous.

It's been a while, but it has always been itching at the back of my head, please clarify and clear up what the alleged ban evasion was referring to as I've regrettably done it in the past and know it never works and only makes the server distrust you more. (Also, I just read about how I'm supposed to apply for appeals months apart...well that's on me sorry for that.) 

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Hi there,

We've taken some time to review over this - your actions and various fingerprints are incredibly similar to a player banned very shortly before you joined. This is incredibly suspicious to us, and on the balance of probability it makes me think you are indeed the same person. Ban evasion is all too commonly attempted on our server, sadly.

I'll ask @AffectedArc07 to do some more digging for confirmation, but as things currently stand I do believe this is a case of ban evasion. If Affected says otherwise however, I will lift the ban as he's smarter than me.

For now I'm marking this as resolved, although if @AffectedArc07 tells me otherwise I'll repost on this complaint and lift the ban.

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