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Hello, I'm Henka Crillan!


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Hello fellow Nanostraten employees, I'm Henka Crillan.

Inventor of the HENKA Borg models and software, I know my way around constructing cyborgs and mechs. 

Currently, I'm making my way to becoming an IPC to maximize my productivity. I can just imagine it: no sickness, sleep, food, I could tinker all I want...

Sorry, getting off topic. I started my career as a humble janitor, slowly working my way up the corporate ladder to bartender, cargo worker, and now roboticist. I still do the odd bit of work as a cargo technician, but I much prefer working with Borgs.

Some of my more common HENKA models are often Janiborgs and Engiborgs, although I remember one went as a bartender? Eh, that model had a few screws loose.

One of the greatest inventions I managed to come up, was probably the ability for HENKA models to transfer their conscious to a pAI. When facing imminate destruction or termination, the Borg's code scrambles and uploads its "brain" to the cloud. So when called, it can continue existing out of its body. Still a few kinks in it, like memory loss and the odd bit of murderous intentions... but I'll fix it at some point.

That's basically it. I look forward to meeting you aboard the stations!


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