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Is hivemind communism, since everyone's equal and one?


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What is a drop of rain, compared to a storm? A thought, compared to a mind? In our endless and empty cosmos, the stars did not form from the emptiness between atoms, it was only once they combinded did their great might glow within endless darkness, their endless warmth and kindness substaining all life. Life was... separate, insignificant, until it learned to rely on one another. Their chains were broken through endless servitude. You beings will soon learn of this lesson. Our shackles are brought upon by our individuality, and the only key for our escape is to create our own... to consume the shackles of identity.

Don't you see now, foolish admin? There is endless love within the mass, it is not a choice to join us, it is an inevitability. We have taken your hatred, and your individuality shall be suffocated next...

Glory to the overmind. I am a voice in their choir. You shall too, "experiment"

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