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A paperwork bug - '&ZeroWidthSpace' when papers are stacked


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I love paperwork. I love formatting. When I write a lovely fax with a nice, clean border, tables, stamp and logo I feel I have greentexted in my bureaucratic heart.

BUT, for as long as I can remember there has been a foul and terrible bug preventing papers being stacked with each other while also looking good at the same time, and it's that when you stack them you are left with the phrase '&ZeroWidthSpace' in the top left, throwing off all the formatting, making it look terrible, and indirectly/somehow causing the death of Ian.

Attached picture - the same document (with round-specific info removed) by itself (left) and on the top of a stack (right).

See how the appearance of '&ZeroWidthSpace' ruins everything?!

If this could be patched out, all the paperworkers out there - from the lowly IAA to the great and powerful clown-that's-broken-into-the-legal-office-to-fax-CC-spam-about-their-NAD-insurance - will thank you.

In short: fix paperwork and everything will be great.

paperwork bug.png

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