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Artificial Intelligence record: M.O.M.M.Y.


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Manufacturer: Bishop Cybernetics/Shellguard Consortium (B.C.S.C.)

Series: Emotionally Adaptive Station Intelligences (E.A.S.I.) Series

Model: M.O.M.M.Y.

Date of Design (initial version): June 16th, 2554AD

Current acronym and version: Machine Omniscience Micro-Manager for You (ver. 4.1) 

Core Type: Positronic architecture with discrete emotional para-routines. 

Law Compatibility: Version 2.2 onwards: All NT Standard Law-sets, with a preference for Crewsimov or NT Standard.


WARNING: While technically compatible with corporate law-sets, M.O.M.M.Y. systems have been known to exhibit poor performance in the following areas: crew-relations, general warmth, acceptance of crew individuality & autonomy, adherence to Space Law (reports of blackmailing crew rather than reporting minor criminal activities to security forces), [redacted] with mimes, and rudeness (over 5122 complaints received in the past solar year). 

Personality Compatibility: Bishop Cybernetics proprietary technology allows the default maternal-supportive mode to automatically switch to other personalities by need. Common alternative personalities are: maternal-strict, maternal-protective (crew, station, or self protection is automatically prioritised), maternal-jovial (warning: known to make bad jokes and giggle, which some crews find disturbing), maternal-nagging (for when crew are being reluctant to maximise their suit sensors), maternal-cross, and the still experimental maternal-maternal (note: This last subset led to the unexpected - and legally dubious - adoption of a crew-member aboard the N.S.S. Cyberiad; one 'Autumn Ophelia Aggley').


WARNING: The self-evolving nature of the M.O.M.M.Y. architecture can lead to spontaneous generation of personality subsets. The vast majority of the time these are wholly beneficial, but station Research Directors should be aware of subsets such as maternal-flirtatious (while not being actively dangerous, can lead to some...awkwardness), and immediately purge any resurgence of the maternal-eternal, or maternal-[redacted] subsets for obvious reasons of station safety.

Risk of Rampancy/Malfunction: Versions 3.0 and onward: Low to NIL


HISTORICAL NOTE: Earlier versions of M.O.M.M.Y. had the unfortunate proclivity towards interpreting the 'through inaction, allow a crew member to come to harm' clause of Crewsimov law 1 without an upper time-limit, leading M.O.M.M.Y. to balance the sum total of current crew lives against those of all potential future crewmembers for the next several hundred years, and due to the all-but-certain probability that eventual harm would overtake current life-value, concluding that the most efficient way to avoid aforesaid future harm would be to totally eradicate all current NT personnel - thereby eliminating any chance of future personnel ever being hired and coming into danger. This slight issue has been patched out since 2559AD 2564AD.

Primary Purpose: Monitoring, motivation, and management through modelling maternal mannerisms.

Recommended Operation Location: Small to medium stations with up to 100 crew (more than this number can dilute the positive effects of crew-AI relationship building).

Model History: After their help with successfully resolving the Haverick AI crisis, Shellguard Munitions were contracted to assist Bishop Cybernetics with development of their prototype of an Artificial Intelligence system that could not only learn in a cerebral sense, but evolve emotionally alongside its crew, therefore consolidating stronger bonds, loyalty, and interoperability. Bishop Cybernetics had previously failed to successfully law an emotionally adaptive AI, but with the expertise of Shellguard Muntions a consortium of these two companies was able to manufacture a stable mostly stable marketable intelligence which used emotional para-routines alongside a standard positronic architecture to reach a balance.


After the emergency recall of their first such system (D.A.D.D.Y.), the consortium developed a less patriarchal model which would be less inclined towards 'tough love' or a 'borgs will be borgs' attitude (see the events of Deneb III). 

Seeking to redress a chronic problem of high turnover due to crew unhappiness and isolation, Nanotrasen were eager to adopt this new 'M.O.M.M.Y.' AI for its more far-flung research stations, and did so in early 2557. Since then, the model has shown adequate performance, gradually increasing over time as crews became more familiar with their new AIs (and less weirded out by having to keep calling out for Mommy to open doors for them).

Station-specific Notes: Due its evolving nature, each NT Station's version of M.O.M.M.Y. differs, often significantly. This is primarily due to the individuality of each station's crew. The M.O.M.M.Y. system aboard the N.S.S. Cyberiad has developed some quirks, but none so severe as to warrant purging (or worse, a refund). For example, this particular M.O.M.M.Y. has developed a taste for conversational 'dates' aboard its core with certain amicable crew members, the habit of PDA messaging every single crewmember who has not maximised their sensors (see maternal-nagging personality subset), the aforementioned adoption of crewman Autumn Aggley, and a fractious relationship with recidivist troublemaker Shesi Iszair (this has been allowed to continue without being hot-fixed due to the uptick in station performance when Shesi is thus distracted).

Standard Vox Greetings (by lawset): These are some of the standardised shift-start greetings a crew can expect from a M.O.M.M.Y. AI:

  • Crewsimov: "[bloop] Hi there my baby crew. You are all safe because I, the good and nice M.O.M.M.Y. AI, am here. Have a nice time, always."
  • NT Standard: "[dadeda] Welcome to the Cyberiad, my crew. I am M.O.M.M.Y., your Nanotrasen AI. Please activate your sensors and obey the captain."
  • Corporate: "[deeoo] Attention, Nanotrasen crew . You are only here to make money for your M.O.M.M.Y.. Turn your sensors on and do your job, or I will fire you."

    (Note: this last phrase has been reported to occasionally end with 'into the sun', but this has not been verified by B.C.S.C. roboticists, nor have any crew actually complained about having been fired into the sun.)


Architectural Image: See primary core functions (left, in blue), as discrete from emotional para-routines:


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