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2022 March Wiki Update


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2022 March Wiki Update:

Hey hey folks, I know it's been a few months since I've made a monthly update but it's never to late to start it up again. Quite frankly, we've got a lot of work to do still, however instead of catching up with the github, we're focused on expanding our content. You know what they say, new year new wiki update formats. This year I'd like to expand how our monthly wiki updates are formatted: I will still proceed with the changelog, however it will only be for SIGNIFICANT changes; Needed changes will remain the same; I will include a section for how were are meeting our 2022 wiki development goals; I will include a section specifically guiding our players on how to contribute to the wiki!


Revision Requests & Changelog

What needs to be done on the Wiki:

Keep knocking out those revision requests y'all. 

March Change Log:

Thank you to all of our contributes I haven't specifically mentioned yet: @peter103@Vulkoras@maxfromsweden@Arkhip0v@Qwertytoforty@Krossarn@Generaldonothing@LightFire53@thorium90cent@Meow19@Zydras@whataboutism@Miraviel@Aligote@Abigail886@Agatasa@Beo208@Vilshen@Chapitito

As you can clearly see, it takes A LOT of contributors to keep the wiki chugging, I encourage all of you who have may <5 edits to continue learning and contributing! I'm always here to support and guide. Those of you who do not contribute (but still read this :D ) this is the perfect time to start learning and becoming a part of our awesome team.


2022 Development Goals - How we can/are meeting them!

Alright lets revisit those development goals and see how we're farin!

Finish Every Portal Page - A.K.A Wiki Navigation

So far we've been making progress. Most notably through the use of portal pages. These portal pages are the bridges between our main page and literally all knowledge on the wiki, they link together one topic and all articles pertaining to its topic. So far we have established three categories of portal pages: Contributor Portals, Game Mechanics Portals, and Department Portals. So far only a few of the portals have actually been established EX: Engineering Portal. What we need to do is continue developing these and expanding them. It's pretty simple, just copy the format of the other ones, just @ me if you need help.

Current State of Portal Pages

  • Job Portals 
    • General - FINISHED
    • Service - FINISHED
    • Supply  - FINISHED
    • Medical - WIP
    • Security - NEEDS TO BE MADE
    • Engineering - WIP
    • Research - NEEDS TO BE MADE
    • Command - NEEDS TO BE MADE
    • Antagonist - NEEDS TO BE MADE
    • Legal  - NEEDS TO BE MADE
    • Special Role - NEEDS TO BE MADE
  • Contributor Portals
    • Wiki Contributor - NEEDS TO BE MADE
    • Github Contributor - WIP
    • Technical Troubleshooting - NEEDS TO BE MADE
    • Hosting - NEEDS TO BE MADE
  • Game Mechanics Portals
    • New Player - NEEDS TO BE MADE
    • Server Systems -
    • Mobs  - NEEDS TO BE MADE
    • Game Objects  - NEEDS TO BE MADE
    • Game Rounds  - NEEDS TO BE MADE
    • Lore  - NEEDS TO BE MADE

Development of a Manual of Style

This is a long-term project, I have made some minor progress with it. So far I have developed the guidelines for files/typography n' stuff but that is still very much a work in progress. I encourage y'all to suggest things but ultimately this falls upon me to write since it's setting the standards for our wiki writing.

Current State of MOS:

  • Typography - WIP
  • Prose  - NEEDS TO BE MADE
  • Content  - NEEDS TO BE MADE
  • Layout  - NEEDS TO BE MADE
  • Templates  - NEEDS TO BE MADE
  • Files - WIP
  • Accessibility  - NEEDS TO BE MADE

Wiki Team Improvement

This goal is a bit more grey in terms of completion/where-to-go. My goal this month has been to restart our forums activity and get you guys involved again here. Otherwise I hope to just keep poking and prodding y'all to help contribute.

Content Expansion

This has been a great month for content expansion. There has been a large amount of progress with documenting objects on the wiki, specifically Firearms, HUDs, and Simple Mobs. You can all help out here by continuing to populate item/object/mob pages that are missing information. Additionally, rewriting or improving guides to be up-to-date and more user-friendly is always benificial.



if you were @'d on this post it means that you contributed meaningfully to our wiki in some aspect and I'd hope you are willing to stay around another month to keep doing so. If you want to get involved with editing the wiki and don't know how, @ me on the discord and I'll happily sit down and teach you stuff when I get the chance. I hope to continue doing this every month. Here is a syntax guide for those who are curious

As always, thanks for the hard work everyone!

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Don't know if this was known or not, but I did write the Guide to Command. It could definitely use some polishing, but the information is there.


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