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Crew Record; John Stewert


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Name; John Stewert

Age; 30

Gender; Male

Race; Human

Blood Type; O+

General Occupational Roles; Civilian

Biography; Originated from Sol with no significant developments. Moved to an isolated mining city called Geminus; records revealing noticeable criminal record including the alleged murder of the city founder. Found employment on Space Station 13 shortly after Pollux (Geminus' home planet) was abandoned for monetary reasons.

Qualifications; N/A

Employment Records; Was briefly employed in supply management on Geminus. Along with a brief stint as a farmer for a prominent produce manufacturer in the city.

Security Records; 


-Data lost.

Medical Records;


-History of mood swings.

Personal appearance;

Slim build with slumped shoulders. A relatively tall man with a dour expression the majority of the day.

Other Notes;


-Potentially linked to anti-corporate underground groups, not yet known.


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Faction Relations

Like/ Neutral/ DESPISE

USSP: "Comrades, the light in the darkness."

SolGov: "I was born here; a despicable imperialist and undemocratic entity that deserves nothing but destruction."

Elysium Republic: "An incompetent reactionary government that practices slavery. Deserves more than just destruction."

Prospero Order: "Evil monsters who enslave subjects from the USSP. Deserve eternal suffering."

Nanotrasen: "One of the evilest corporate entities of all sentient history."

The Syndicate: "Two sides of the same coin to NT."

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