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AI/Borg upload console refactor


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  • Files changed: 6
  • Line insertions: 104
  • Line deletions: 155
  • Potential labels: Refactor, Map edit (Box, Meta, Delta)

This is a very simple one, replacing /obj/machinery/computer/borgupload with /obj/machinery/computer/aiupload/cyborg, since currently the majority of the code is just copied over directly from the AI upload console.

I've also moved the install() code for law modules to be on the upload console rather than the AI module board, as that reduces the proc size from 48 lines of code to around 9.

I'm not sure if I actually need to ask for permission on the forums to post this since it's relatively small, but it is around 200-300 lines and it's editing every map simultaneously, so I'm not going to risk it.

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Please also remove this

	set category = "Object"
	set name = "Access Computer's Internals"
	set src in oview(1)
	if(get_dist(src, usr) > 1 || usr.restrained() || usr.lying || usr.stat || istype(usr, /mob/living/silicon))

	opened = !opened
		to_chat(usr, "<span class='notice'>The access panel is now open.</span>")
		to_chat(usr, "<span class='notice'>The access panel is now closed.</span>")


It is never used the var also isnt used anywhere



As for the map edit part, please wait till the rest of the mapping queue is sorted. Free's remap will be TM'd at some point, I am just super slow atm

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