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Character Bio: Anton Fasani


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Big shoutout to Woj and Heather for being incredible writers and compelling me to finally get this done.

First Name:

Last Name: Fasani

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Nicknames/Alias: Often called Fasani, called Anty by a couple close female friends.

Picture: https://imgur.com/t/ss13/XWxivq3


Age: 28

Species: Human

Blood Type: B-

Place of Birth: Unregistered, privately owned asteroid mining outpost formerly located in SolGov frontier space. Location currently unknown.

Alignment: Various, mostly Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral. Generally cares for others, more than willing to put themselves in harm's way for a stranger. Countered by occasional selfishness, and is not adverse to circumventing law to achieve what he feels is the greater good, or simply something he desires at that moment.


Nanotrasen: Employee
 (various positions and accreditations) 

Falco Designs: Associate and “Procurement Specialist”


Religious Beliefs: Believes in a higher power, but is not “spiritual”

I'm rolling this into history.

I'm rolling this into history as well.

Detailed Information



A youthful looking human, standing six feet tall, overall slim but it's clear from his physique that he's done some strenuous work in his time. He has long, well-kept hair dyed blue, which hangs gracefully over his shoulders. He has a white bow tied into the locks of hair over his right shoulder; it looks quite dirty. He can often be seen wearing a thin silver chain around his neck, and clasped onto it is a gold ring; it appears way too small to fit on a human finger. His eyes, like his hair, are a deep shade of blue. His complexion is somewhat tanned, and this and his facial features betray some sort of mild Eastern/Iranian appearance (Anton’s mother’s ancestors were initially from modern day Iran, and although the bloodline has been diluted through the generations, he has retained some of these features).


Character Voice: Anton speaks calmly, and has an air of coolness about him. He sounds more or less what you would expect a Californian surfer dude to sound like but in terms of mannerisms and tone of voice, less in West Coast accent.




Generally calm, cool and collected, Anton is the first to celebrate and generally the last one to leave that celebration as well. He is quite outgoing, always eager to make new friends or to introduce two people he could see getting along; the problem is that in his social outlook, he thinks everyone should get along. Anton offers respect to those that give it; for those who disrespect him or maliciously mistreat him, he is incredibly spiteful and abrasive. Though he tends to keep his cool through thick and thin, Anton is liable to explode into a frenzy of anger when he is pushed one too many times. 


Medical Records:


Due to his bartending work, Anton has had a considerable drinking habit for the majority of his adult life. Though it has not developed into outright alcoholism (yet), there is no doubt damage to his liver has occurred. Considering the alcohol consumption, as well as cigarette usage, it is quite surprising that the rest of Anton’s physical health is above average, likely due to youthful constitution and frequent physical exercise (via mining). As far as mental health is concerned, there is definite traces of anger management issues, and Anton has suffered at least one work related mental breakdown due to stress.


Employment Records:


By his own account, Anton was employed in a family owned bar on his home outpost, from roughly the age of five until his emigration at age seventeen. His work there included cleaning the bar, taking inventory, cooking, drink mixing, record keeping, and an assortment of other miscellaneous service related skills one might acquire during such work. After leaving home, Anton briefly worked as a deck hand on a cargo freighter and some other odd jobs before he enrolled in an Nanotrasen sponsored medical program. Anton worked at a number of bars in order to pay for his tuition, and after graduation he was directly hired by Nanotrasen and assigned to work on the Cyberiad. After some time of working in Security and familiarization with legal SOP and Space Law procedure, Anton applied to and was accepted to serve as a representative of the Nanotrasen Supreme Court; he is vested with the power and authority to act as a Magistrate Judge aboard any NT station or ship. Anton is also employed (non-contractual) by Falco Designs, a corporation that operates shipping lanes and spaceship manufacturing via their drydock in orbit of the dwarf planet Ceres. Anton allegedly also does tutoring sessions for Creative Writing, for children and adults; it is unclear if he is certified or has credentials for this.


Security Records:


Anton has a handful of prior convictions for petty theft and assault/battery, the latter almost exclusively having occurred in the station bar. The majority of Anton’s served cell time includes a modifier for “resisting arrest”. Anton has been suspected of drug manufacturing and distribution on a few occasions, but no charges have ever been filed. In addition, it is speculated that the Falco Designs corporation that Anton is seemingly “employed” by is actually a front for a large and organized smuggling operation working out of the dwarf planet Ceres, but as of the date of this entry no solid evidence of criminal activity by this corporation has been confirmed.

Character Biography
Included in History.



Due to having either estranged or no relationship with his only known family members, Anton views the concept of family through the lens of actions, and not blood relations. Aside from his wife Britta Hjansson-Fasani, Anton has a small handful of people he considers his true family: he considers Bismuth Steele, Marie Davenport and Bubblegum his "sisters", Cory Whitman his "brother" and Inari Susiluoto and Jakki Rockatansky his "daughters”.


History: (I am not including all of Anton’s history, as some plot points of his life are ongoing and if you really want to know about him, you should find him and get to know him :)))


Anton was born on an unregistered mining outpost; to two parents. His mother was the owner and proprietor of the station bar that his family had run for at least two generations, while his father was a visiting scientist who had came to the outpost for, as he put it, “asteroid research.” For lack of better words, Anton’s father became smitten with his mother after just one visit to the bar, and Anton was born nine months later. Though he was initially convinced to reside on the outpost and help run the bar, Anton’s father abandoned the family just after Anton’s first birthday, never to return and leaving no contact information. Anton took his mother’s last name, Fasani, as she refused to tell Anton his fathers last name, or even his first name. Anton’s life on the outpost was widely unstructured; due to a large lack of a number of children or responsible adults on the station, “schooling” was informal, and focused on basic intellectual comprehension; most lessons were practical in nature. Working in the bar from five years old, Anton also came to know the grittier side of spacefaring life, having witnessed numerous fights, crude language, and having his first drink at age seven (his mother saying its better he gets a taste of it early). As his family was one of the few to own a personal business on the station, Anton was ostracized by the other children of the station, who considered him “ a high class snob” and either subjected him to bullying or ignored him entirely. As he came of age, Anton made one close friend on the station with whom he was inseparable, the two fulfilling an ancient outdated Earth warrior ritual making them “blood brothers.” At age seventeen, this friend was killed in an incident in the bar by a group of visiting gang members; Anton left the station a few weeks later, securing a job on a visiting cargo freighter and never to return, although he stayed in touch with his mother for some time after.


(If I forgot you I’m SO SO SORRY there is a lot of people I love to hang around please let me know, this list will likely be edited with time)


Britta Hjannson-Fasani (wife)
Marie Davenport ("sister")
Bismuth Steele ("sister")
Bubblegum (vulp) ("sister", uses Anton's last name as she has no family of her own)
Cory Whitman ("brother")
Inari Susiluoto ("daughter")
Jakki Rockatansky ("daughter")

Close Friends:
Frank Scorpio
Lilly Samlich
Afrin Aramoth
Jacob Pearls
Kincaid Renard
Mango Mangorati-O
Michael Bovine
Danni Madsen
Steven Stingray
Mike Stars
James Auchvulf
Cade Prescott

Simon Garratt
Sophie Garratt
Bubblegum (slime)
Scarlet Einholve
John Andersson
Solii Isla
Ketra Hharar
Orauch Tahag
Fiona Phillips 
Edgar Miller
Cullen Disero
Edroy Denidard
Praxis Chalier
Penny Aberdeen
Saki Kobayashi
Letov Tarasovich
Daisy Vanleer
Brenda Smith
Dulce Scherer
Samantha Hazmiangt
Lucina Ling 
Drew Amberburn
Soahni Njarir'akhan
Izzy Rose

Faction Relations:
Allied Love Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy


Anton takes considerable pride in his humanity, and although he does not feel humans are outright superior, he does believe that they should be the mediators and peacekeepers of the galaxy. That being said, he is appalled and disgusted by racism and anti-alien sentiment among human society, seeing as a majority of his close friends are non-human.

Cybersun Industries
Elysium Republic
Prospero Order
The Syndicate
Trans-Solar Federation


Miscellaneous Information:

Favorite drinks: 
As a bartender, Anton enjoys numerous drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, but has specific drinks he prefers on a situational basis:

Bahama Mama: For the end of a shift, or for a shift where things have hit the fan and he needs to feel grounded.

Gin Fizz: Standard on-shift drink. Refreshing, and gets the job done.

Milkshake: For on-shift jobs that require sobriety (not many)

Irish coffee in a flask: Detective shifts.

Coffee with cream/sugar in a mug: Security shifts.


Favorite Food: 
Anton’s culinary prowess has allowed him to have a varied palette of tastes, but his rough upbringing continues to be reflected in his preference for greasy bar foods. His favorite meals are two of his specialty dishes; Bacon Mac & Cheese Personal Pizza, and for dessert his Deep-Fried Plump Pie.

If there is anything you feel is missing PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!

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