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Hello, allow me to introduce myself


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I am ThatWeirdDude, also known as FireLemon or ingame as Kelvin Endsley, a human that somehow failed most of Nanotracen's requirements to be employed and somehow landed a job nontheless.

With dashing blue eyes like the cold blue ocean and a brown messy hair like a dumpster fire gone wrong, Kelvin Endsley is the first to try to help the Station when things go south with his very limited resources and skills. He is the kind of guy that starts mass-producing spears to hand out to his fellow coworkers as soon as Nukies are announced like he is an employee in a Black Friday night.

Friendly and slightly murderous, his favourite hobbies are making slimes to evolve past his own humanity, grabbing monkeys by the throat and strangling them to death, grabbing monkeys by the throat and chopping off their heads, grabbing monkeys by the throat and eating them alive one organ at a time, and so much more!

If you get on his good side (Not hard) he will be an absolute bro who will help you and invite you for a glass of wine at the local bar. If you get on his bad side (Hard) you better start fuckin running for your life, as an example of why you should not mess with him, he once was almost kidnapped by a Traitor and killed, but he blew himself and the Traitor up with an orange slime extract and with his last dying breath he called security. The Traitor was captured and Kelvin was ressurected by the very kind medical bay.

Overall, i am pretty chill and i just look for a fun time with my fellow spessmen, but if shit goes down i always try to be the first to be helpful.

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