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Commissions Info Megathread


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I have seen a fair few people asking in the discord if any artsy people here do commissions, and a lot of artsy people who have open commissions, however theres no link between.


This thread is for said artsy people to post their commission info / commissions sheet. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Contact details
  • Examples of your work (Not too many to avoid threadspam)
  • General pricing
  • Restrictions on what you will/will not draw



Note: This thread is for artists to say their commissions are open, not for people to ask "Anyone doing commissions?". Anyone asking that will have their posts removed. 

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Picture with details and a couple of examples. Commissions are currently open



You can also check my art thread here with more examples: 


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Didn't want to ask this on the discord and clutter the art channel so I made this thing. Just message me on the paradise discord or through my profile if you got any cool ideas or characters or whatever. 


Uh yeah thanks for looking I guess?

comission thing.png

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B i t of a wide post but here's all the essential details! :3

Fairly new to this freelance work so testing the waters at the moment.


Carrd Link: https://pictal.carrd.co/ 

I post all my NSFW junk at uhh the Twitter/Newsgrounds  so BEAR in mind before jumping into that platform :D










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