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hi im tea and youre watching disney channel (sounds of the supermatter delamming in the background as i draw the disney logo)


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^ angel, who stands on my post and shouts confusing things or something


hello!! I'm Tea ^^ iiiii am not exactly new at this point but I figured since my friends made threads I should too, so hi!! hello!! hai

i started playing a little bit back in err... december ish? I think? And have only become more active in the past few months. I don't play too often since I tend to get too scared sometimes and just observe  spend most of my time drawing or playing other games, but I always try to play over the weekends ! i am kind of baby 'cause of that, forgive me

ive been roleplaying for a pretty long time (i have an embarrassingly long list of places i have roleplayed on as a kid to teen), took a break in my mid teens and para finally got me into it again and i've been having fun!

i have a few characters, but i mostly play Angel Anide & sometimes Malibu Acheflow. I dooonn't know many jobs so I kinda just blink and end up in medchem all the time, but I wanna push through my anxiety and try new things eventually!!!!

i tend to draw like, a lot, cause rp makes my brain go brrr so i have an art thread too if you wanna check it out !

SO UH YEAH!! sorry for the rambles but hai!!!!!!!! ^__^

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That's the funniest thread title I've seen in a good while lmao.

But yes hi hello yes already know you hello :D

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