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I'm bored, so I guess I'll tell the story of how I got the Nanotrasen Medal of Adequacy as CE.

One night a while back, I start up a regular shift with my favorite character, Korval. Suddenly get an announcement saying engineering has an additional goal. Then another. And another. And another. When people inevitably complain, Cent Comm gives us a big fuck you and throws in an additional goal to go with it. So now engineering has to do a BSH, a DNA vault, shield satellites, and two BSAs. Naturally, I wasn't stoked about this because all of that was now my job to oversee. I guess Cent Comm felt some pity, because they warped in racks of engineering supplies and, more importantly, combat RCDs.

I head over to my announcement console, draft up a plan and set everything into motion. Solars, atmos, and the engine were to go up while some engineers work with cargo, some help other departments with DNA related stuff, and another team works on the BSA platforms.

Fast forward a little bit and I have about 12 people in the engineering department in total now. The satellites are done. I figured we'd get that one. Easiest goal by far.

Fast forward some more and I hear that the DNA vault is also done. That kinda took me off guard because you have to have fourish departments all pulling their weight at the same time (engineering, botany, xenobio, cargo). At this point I probably have 16 engineers and an admeme messages me and tells me that I can appoint a deputy to help manage. I ask to make it a ghost role, but no sensible entity, living or dead, would willingly submit themselves to that, so I kept going solo.

Fast forward again and the BSH is collecting points and the BSA platforms were done and the actual machines were in place. Somewhere between now and the DNA vault going up we had the painful realization that cargo had a severe case of male pattern baldness. To combat this, I simply had a team of engineers do that for them. 

Fast forward more and one BSA is up, but the other won't deploy (I assume because of the fact that there was already one directly below it. Admemes help with that. We eventually get it up, but to fire it would mean to split the station clean in two, so the VIP sent to oversee let that one slide.

Now, everything is done except the BSH. I forget if we actually completed it. I think we did, but I'm not sure. In any case, I got a medal and everyone in engineering probably got a $15 gift card to NT's version of Amazon.

I'm not certain how accurate all of this is because it was honestly a blur, but I will never forget that it happened.

PS: If any of the engineers that took part in this night are reading this, thanks a ton. You did an awesome job.

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