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Crew Record: Sam Springfield

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Name: Sam Springfield

Age: 51

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Blood Type: B+

General Occupational Role(s): 

Command (Head of Personnel, NT Representative), Cargo (Quartermaster), Service (Janitor, Librarian)




  • Masters in Business Administration - SolTech Class of 2539
  • NanoTrasen Employee First Aid Basics Certification - Passed
  • NanoTrasen Cargo and Requisitions Certification - Passed
  • NanoTrasen Quartermaster and Budgeting Certification - Passed
  • NanoTrasen Head of Staff Certification - Passed
  • NanoTrasen Corporate Certification - Representative  - Passed

Employment Records: 

2540 - 2550: NSS Exodus - Quartermaster
2550 - Present: NSS Cyberiad - Corporate Contractor

Security Records: 

Known Languages: Galactic Common

2540 - Drunken Conduct, Upheld
2544 - Minor Battery Charge, Dropped

Notes: No serious notes are to be had. Short of a minor drinking issue, nothing seems to be amiss. Contact your nearest authorities or supervisor if alcoholic behavior is noticed.

Medical Records: 

DoB: January 10th, 2514
Height: 178cm
Weight: 74kg
Eye Color: Blue

Cybernetics: Right Hand, Replacement

NanoTrasen Quarterly Psych Evaluation: Passed


Other Notes: 


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Haven't interacted with this lad yet. Seems fun! 

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