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Crew Record: Xion Robinson

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Name: Xion Robinson

Age: 36

DOB: 9/12/2530

Gender: Transgender Female

Race: Human

Ethnicity: Sol, Cuban

Blood Type: A+

General Occupational Role(s): Bartender, Chef, Janitor, Head of Personnel, Detective, Mime, Captain


Biography: Little is known about Xion prior to her arrival at Nanotrasen, but she is heavily scarred along the chest and extremities. She is rumoured to have been involved with various crime syndicates prior to her contracting with NT at the age of 30; police records have recorded evidence of crimes including armed robbery and assault, but this was not known prior to her employment. Generally very friendly to most people, but has a short fuse and will explode violently upon those who mess with her. Despite her shortcomings, she has been heavily profitable for the management of the Cyberiad, and continues to maintain a level of efficiency that outweighs her outbursts. As for medical status, Xion is a chronic alcoholic, drinking just enough to avoid blatant drunkenness; she has had a cybernetic liver installed to replace her failing organic liver, and this cybernetic soon had to be replaced as well. She is also addicted to nicotine, and regularly smokes several packs of cigarettes throughout the shift. She has a Xion Manufacturing (unrelated) cybernetic left arm attached, as her arm was severed and went unrecovered for reattachment, following an explosion during regular security operations. Valuable, if somewhat unstable contributor to Nanotrasen, and a dedicated sister-in-arms who will sacrifice her own life for her compatriots. 


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Personal Relationships
Romantic InvolvementRomantic InterestClose Friend | Respected | FriendRespected Acquaintance Neutral DislikeHateFear |
By Xion's own consideration or personal experience, her personal relations are as follows: 
Xrimqiu Qrxuq - "Aww."
James Auchvulf - floof bf
Chikitita - Soy latte much?
Steve - Best Intern Ever.
Qixxiq Xiqqix - "Hey bestie!"

B.O.O.P. - Mister Plushie!
BRAIN- "Brain says good morning"
Philips - "Winners don't do drugs." "I'm not a winner."
Bubblegum - "POD TESLA"
James Auchvulf

Goobina - "Hai"
Llinos Owen
Takoyakika - "I's see you at work tomorrow, yaya?"
Kikeri - "Xion! Hihi!!!"

Letov Tarasovich 
Chailer - Disfunctionally Immortal
Cook - Entrepreneur 
Ryder Hill - IRS Agent
C.O.I. - Happy Meal Chef

M.O.M.M.Y. - I love you, crew!

David Flufferton - Engineering Mentor
Trixy D'Muere 
Jason Jedd - Jason Jedd's Wild Ride
Edroy Denidard
Jadon Carter
Jake Charonic
Moi- "Why is an officer using a bat?"
Jade Burnwood - Short

Joel Laborde
Billy Singulo

Xion has few known dislikes as far as personnel go; as she usually pays little mind to, and soon forgets them. That being said, she has a fair few notable relationships:
Wolf O'Donnell - "You look like a cheap hooker."
Novus Lem - Nanotrasen Incarnate
[REDACTED] Special
Operations Officers

Various other greytiders are listed, but the names are mostly unheard of.

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Interrogation of Xion Robinson; Parilla Security Department, 2556
Key: I = Interrogator
X = Xion

[Start of Recording]
I. You were there at the Longwall bank robbery. You were recorded on CCTV. Did you really think you'd get away with it?
X. Yeah I was fucking there, what of it? 
I. You killed four people, including three officers, and got away with over three million credits in cash and silver. What the hell do you think?
X. Ask the boss. 
I. Which boss? 
X. Oh, you don't know? Guess those cameras weren't good for much after all. Say, did I tell you- the vault codes were written down on a sticky note? We only had to blast our way through the inner doors!
I. Oh god damnit. Will you just talk already? You and I both know how this is going to end anyhow. 
X. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised. Did I ever tell you about my time in Hardstock? Three of us were in cuffs, and there were five guards- the next morning the guards were strung from the ceiling, naked. Papers never got a clear story out of them because none of 'em wanted to admit what had happened!
I. Xion, you are being charged with three counts of third-degree murder, resisting arrest, armed robbery, and racketeering. Do you have any idea what'll happen to you in prison?
X. On the contrary, I beg the question of what'll happen to you if you put me there.
I. What?
Something beeps quietly in the background.
X. Get 'em, boys. 
Distant gunshots are heard, and the sound of brick walls crumbling resonates.
X. See, I'd love to keep chatting, but I've got places to be. And for the record, you were never in charge; I've had a pistol pointed directly at your groin for the past half hour. 
Intense beeping begins directly outside the room, and someone is heard yelling "HERE SHE BLOWS!"
[End of Recording.]



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"Competent but may still have moral qualms. Good borging candidate to keep the former and remove the latter." -NT Officer Novus Lem
"Who the fuck hired her? She has a very useful skillset, but does anyone realize how much shit we're in if she went rogue?"  -NAS Trurl Administration
"I don't know who was in charge of the hiring process, but if he let someone like her through, he's probably dead." - Special Operations Officer David Howard

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