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* Please PRINT all details. *


Name: Angelica Cyan Anide

Age: 37 yrs (19/10/2528)

Gender: Woman (She/Her)

Race: Human

Blood Type: B+

General Occupational Role(s):

  • Chemist
  • Janitor



Angelica Anide (a.k.a. Angel) was born on Earth on October 19th, 2528. At age 15, her mother was arrested on arson charges and Angelica was taken from her and put into boarding school.

Angel began studying neuroscience at 18, and graduated with a bachelors at 22. Shortly after beginning graduate school, she was offered an internship with Nanotrasen. During her time there she was involved in a dangerous lab accident on NT property, leaving her body permanently scarred and killing numerous coworkers. She was the only survivor of the incident and thus presumed guilty of causing it.

As punishment, Angelica Anide is to work for Nanotrasen for the rest of her life to repay the lives and money lost in the explosion.

Despite this, she went on to earn a masters degree at 26 years old, though she has hardly any use for it.

Angel has been monitored carefully by NT for the safety of NT property and the public. She has faced frequent harassment since, with one severe case resulting in the loss of her left eye. NT has nothing to do with such incident (or any, for that matter) and Angelica has since replaced it herself.


Employment Records:


No work prior to her time at Nanotrasen other than a few unpaid internships during her earlier times in college.

Security Records:


Cause of a dangerous lab explosion 15 years ago, resulting in deaths of multiple.

Petty theft.

Multiple accounts of public intoxication.

Frequent disorderly conduct.

Medical Records:


Farsighted. Does not wear her glasses when she should.
Severe - but old - burn scars on the left half of her body. Occasionally has to take pain medication for it and use creams.

Personnel Photo:


A woman in her late 30s, standing at 5'7". Her hair is a complete mess still manages to look soft. It's obviously bleached, with darker roots and a few streaks of blue. The left half of her body is almost completely covered in chemical burn scars. Her left eye's sclera is completely black and fake. Her nails are sharpened to a point and always done nicely, and her smile is lopsided and kind of toothy.


ID card base by @JackoMallows

Other Notes:

  • This crew record was written from the POV of Nanotrasen and thus is extremely biased.
  • More art of Angel can be see in my art thread
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So many new crew records, makes me happy. Nice stuff, I'll revisit it at some point when you add the TBA stuff :p

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12 hours ago, Woje said:

So many new crew records, makes me happy. Nice stuff, I'll revisit it at some point when you add the TBA stuff :p

Thank you so much!! :D I hope to add to this overtime as I play more 😊

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Is there any chance that you welderbombed yourself in chemistry and added it to your lore? If you did that is incredibly cool.

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