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Hosting Switchover

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My real life has become so busy, that I can no longer afford the time to host Paradise.

So, over the next month, I will be stepping down, and our resident Java expert@AffectedArc07will become the new host.


This means:

  1. All-new servers (with higher specs!) will be built. My hope is that the new AA-rated servers will have better performance.
  2. Our backend will be replaced. I expect the new backend to be better, and provide better tools.
  3. The number of coffee-related jokes in our Discord will increase at least 20%.

For the next few weeks, my focus will be on ensuring a smooth transition.

That means providing all the necessary documentation, training, etc.

Before you know it, though, AA will be running the entire backend of Paradise. Probably with a Barista supporting him.
Hosting is a fair chunk of work, so please be nice to him, and patient with him if he says he is busy.

To answer the inevitable questions:

  1. Exactly when is the switchover happening? => When AA is ready. Don't rush him. He's rebuilding every server we have, using brand new technology. It is important to take our time and get it right. The road towards switching may be long, taking a few weeks, but it arcs towards progress.
  2. Will my ping to the server be affected? => No. The new server will be in the same datacenter, with the same great connection, as the old server.
  3. Is AA staying as a maint, as well as being host? => Yes. He's doing both now. He might even do the billing paperwork for the servers himself. You could say 07 has earned his license to bill.
  4. Is Kyet staying as a head? => Yes. You can't goat rid of me that easily. I'll be around, at least until the transition is complete. After that, it depends on how busy my RL gets.
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