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admin brought me back to life, glorious (Lucy Pontar)

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sorry this reads so weird but I'm best at stream of consciousness writing with stuff like this, anyways:
get roundstart vamp, engineer
decide there's not a lot i can do, get stunprod, cable ties, then wander around station waiting to grab someone alone
walk to science, theres a civ and a robot there, but apparently science is lacking manpower and nobody will do research
i climb inside through the open window, "dont have access to machines."
robot: "I have access!!"
"okay, you press buttons, i tell you what to print, you put it through the DA, then repeat"
we get science to full basic research levels
scientist walks in towards the end, but newbie, so they just watch me and the borg do it all
then go back to wandering around when i run into clown collecting all the station's potted plants
I jump into the locker they're carrying
i use my engineer tools to break into the offices the clown doesnt have access to so they can take the plant, then repair the windows and leave
pda the clown from inside the locker "you know, im vamp, and was going to kill you, but i decided youre too nice"
they say thanks
we go to arrivals, notice someone in arrivals botany alone
i decide i need to finally be vamp after 40 minutes of nothing
i jump them with my stun prod, ziptie them, they say "ARRIVALS BOTANY KIDNAP" into radio before i can get it off of them
i take them into maints
i find the desk with the table, lamp, and chairs
cuff them to the chair
"so, do you know why youre here today?"
they are legit terrified "NO?! WHATS GOING ON?!?!"
"im here to interview you"
"relax, this is just an interview, so, how do you feel about NT?"
then 3 sec officers open the door
"This is just an interview.."
i get tasered and arrested
in processing, refuse holy water "for religious reasons, im, uhh,  islamic"
they give me holy water, i tremble and burst into flames
got thrown into perma, break perma window, shock an officer with electricity arc, get back up then steal the boc of teargas grenades
escape attempt ultimately fails, other vamp in perma i think dies to electricty
eventually get put in solitary
almost all of sec is at execution room for some other vampire
i use headset to break lightbulb, use lightbulb to break window, all of sec is right there
window is about to break, warden realizes what im doing
sec just looks at me
i break window, pick up glass shard, throw it at grille, electric arc shocks almost all of sec
manage to shock them twice, one of them walks in to stop me, i glare the moment they get to me, they drop their stunbaton
i run out, shock a couple of them with baton, get shot and beat right in front of execution, they kill me
they continue with other vamp who is in execution, put me in a bodybag and set me inside execution room
i pray "hey, so if you could bring me back to life that would be hilarious, i promise i wont hurt sec, i just would love to see the look on their face when i come back to life in front of them"
other vamp says, while im dead, "you just hate me cause im a girlboss"
admin brings me back to life , i stand up
"they hate to see a girlboss winning"
utter parade of madness from sec, eventually get thrown in incinerator, takes 15  minutes to kill me because sec is having one ROUGH day

in short, thats how you dont suck a single drop of blood but manage to be the bane of sec's existence. Also get 4 karma! Thank you admin!

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