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Dulce and the Redspace Entity "mittens"

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The last round I played it was really a good one, I will tell that story. I got hired in the cyberiad and joined the station as an assistant, Dulce was really nervous because she didn't know anyone there. She was in the hallway when a flying cat plushie started floating and moving around the hallways, the plushie cuddled her and she decided she had to become friends with this being. the plushie stopped moving, but kept floating, and she took him to the chaplain in search for answers, she had to know how to get mittens (the name she gave him) back.

The chaplain did a praying session for him asking the gods to ascend mittens to heaven and release his soul. Dulce got attacked by a person, who was attacking everyone and she asked him to stop. He didn't. Dulce started begging the chaplain to help him with his holy sword when god punished Ricardo, the attacker. We didn't get any answers. Dulce started getting more and more afraid for mittens, and headed to the science department in search for answers. the research director didn't know what he was and science couldn't help neither.

Then she saw lusoooso and lily, a couple she met before, and she started talking about mittens, they thought she was crazy and looked at her with worried eyes. Dulce started getting more and more afraid of her own sanity. She would start acting like crazy (Replying with a loud voice getting anxious).

A guy started saying mittens was a dangerous redspace entity, and talked about killing him. Dulce said he would have to kill her first. and grabbed a toolbox from the ground and covered mittens. when the attacker was ready to push her and grab mittens, she took mittens and ran away.

Then she saw Laura Morales, a very good friend and told her about mittens, but she didn't believe neither. They went to the library to talk about him when, suddenly, mittens started talking again!

He started moving and heading to the hallway and dulce asked him to cuddle her. He told her to beg and she did, the plushie was the best thing she's ever had. She told him how she took care of him and that she loves him. Mittens cuddled her

Mittens started heading to the front of bridge (where the captain works and controls the station) and told her mittens wasn't his name and that this relationship wasn't something allowed for him, he was needed in other universe. A red light appeared and mittens stopped floating and became a normal plushie

Dulce was crying and Laura told her she didn't see anything, that Dulce was carrying the plushie and talking to herself, and took her to medbay(edited)

Dulce yelled that she wasn't crazy and started pushing the walls. Then they went to the psychiatrist and she told the whole story again, Laura gave mittens to Dulce and they asked if she hears it talk.

A slime appeared from the ventilation system and started talking, Dulce lost it and started screaming "IT TALKS" (referring to the slime) the slime started attacking Laura and the shrink and then it went away. The doctor gave Dulce an injection and she fell asleep.(edited)

Laura and Dulce got out of the room and there was a fight between doctors and a vampire. the vampire scream and got everyone in the ground. they escaped to the bar to keep talking about everything that happened

An Internal affairs agent told Dulce she liked her hair, and Laura suggested Dulce to tell the agent about mittens and Dulce put the plushie in the table and told the agent she met him in the hallway when he was floating and he cuddled her

The agent said she believes her! and that she saw it float. Laura told Dulce she was just trying to make her look crazy and that mittens was real

Dulce was angry, but more relieved knowing she wasn't crazy and that someone else acknowledged mittens so she quickly forgave Laura

The Agent invited Laura and Dulce to her office. They agreed and started having drinks there and chatting(edited)

Suddenly, there was an announcement of a blob in the station. Everything started looking bad, there was putrefaction in the air and the smell of death.

They were scared so they decided to stay there in safety until the delta level was called and the self destruction program started

Laura was a miner so they ran, and decided to escape to lavaland, sadly the shuttle was destroyed so they had to go to the gateway, it was full of people but they managed to get in. The station was destroyed, Laura and Dulce survived. But that wasn't the end, the station in which they are now has massive spiders and among the survivors there are vampires, hell unleashes and everything ends full of violence

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