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Introduce Scale to the Blueshield

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Hi all,

This is a suggestion to bring the Blueshield up to standard with other aspects of the game. Our Cyborgs, Security, and Command have Standard Operating Procedures and scale that protect the Shift's fun.


Can't participate as their own Security Force, and are more confined by their SoP than non-command.


Can valid-hunt, but are limited by the Alert Level.


Laws limit them. Manifest limits them. And some OOC Round Quality Control limits them. An Engineer Cyborg cannot fortify everything into Fort Bridgetta, Fort Cargonus, Fort Briggton. On Green, or Blue. But they can start to do so on Red.


These are powerful roles that are all scaled to the Round's progression. The Blueshield is the only role that has such an immense, immediate, and expected power-creep. They rush for the AA (All-Access), and the AF (All-Frequency) Captain items.


What I suggest is that the Blueshield be limited to the alert level, and more closely follow their SoP and Job Manual. 

1. Blueshield does not get AA/AF.

    1.1 Instead, if a Command is targeted/ the blueshield get AA to that department.

2. Limit valid-hunting, or valid-verbally.

  (Things like hawking monitor like the Paramedic, and announcing for people to congregate to X location because Y is dying. Sure, if it is a Command Staff, go ahead. But being a hawkish protect of the common-joe isn't your job and it can hinder Antagonists. Let Security / Detective do their soul-searching).

Supporting Evidence:

1. Captain's Manual:

"You are NOT the hero the station deserves, and you are most certainly are NOT the one it needs. Just because Operatives are bashing down your door looking for your disc (Which should be in your bag, RIGHT?!) does not mean you should be making a heroic stand against them. Run as fast as you can out the other way and run even faster away again. If you lose your life, as pointed out earlier you will, at the very least; be handing antagonists the skeleton key to all unbolted doors, and at the very worst; the nuclear disc to Nuclear Operatives. Even if you are certain that you can take them on with a team of reliable(?) people behind you, then proceed with caution, and be prepared to yackity sacks it out of there, should things turn for the worse."

   - The Captain, with his AA/AF, is expected to pussy-foot away. So why would a less-equip, same AA/AF Blueshield not be held to the same expectations? A Blueshield has poorer weaponry, poorer armor. They're suppose to die for the Captain to protect AA/AF. Not rush an Antagonist while having the items he is protecting from being taken if the Captain were to die.

2. Head of Personnel SoP (which is essentially: Identification Computer Handling SoP)

 "The Head of Personnel may not give any personnel increased access without authorization from the relevant Head of Staff. This includes the Head of Personnel. In addition, the Head of Personnel may only give Captain-Level access to someone if they are the Acting Captain. This access is to be removed when a proper Captain arrives on the station;"

 It can be argued, that HoP SoP is essentially ID Computer use SoP. Which the Captain should be subject to. It's just if the Captain were handling things in the HoP SoP a lot of it is auto-completed, he can approve his own stuff.  I like to look at this as limiters to non-antag command, to stop power-bloating.


As a closing note I'd like to parody the Blueshield's Manual:

"One very important detail of your job is that you are not Security. Do not let your Security (and Detective) access fool you. Your ID lets you reach every single Command Office on the station. You should not be concerned with the goings-on at Security, nor should you be doing their job for them. You are not a Security Officer with a private office and snazzy outfit. You are a bodyguard."


"One very important detail of your job is that you are Security, Medical, Science, Service, and Supply. Do not let your lack of authority dictate what you can say in command comms. Take advantage of your Captain Radio and turn advise into statements. You graduated the top of your class. You have all-access, and you should use it. Protect the Captain and HoP who have all-access from dying, by dying yourself. You didn't hand over the keys to the station, you simply died a bodyguard who happened to have worse equipment than the Captain, while sharing the same AA/AF."


SOP would be 5000 pages long if it covered every small, loophole. All Access should be reserved for Captain. These balances are already on the Manual (wiki page for Captain and Blueshield) but because its not in the very short SoP list, people think otherwise.

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Blueshield is probably my most played role. I like that you put a lot of thought into this post.

6 hours ago, Lurapa said:

1. Blueshield does not get AA/AF.

    1.1 Instead, if a Command is targeted/ the blueshield get AA to that department.

2. Limit valid-hunting, or valid-verbally.

1. Blueshield doesn't get AA, at least not by their own volition. If the captain wants to hand over the spare ID, I think thats fine. I've never seen a Blueshield (when playing captain) ask for AA even if I don't hand over the spare.

I think the problem with the Blueshield having AA is that they are expendable and that sort of access shouldn't fall into wrong hands. I personally don't see it as that big of a problem being handed the captains spare but it does go against the spirit of "Blueshield being expendable". A better solution might be putting spare in the safe and telling Blueshield the codes so they can get it in an emergency.

2. I think this is an out of game issue more than an ingame issue. To me it's clear that the Blueshield is not a fancy Security officer. If someone doesn't understand that, they need to be reminded.

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I agree. While a game-community issue. It can be influenced by ingame limitations. Be it the rules being updated, or the ingame start being respected and looked at more.

e.g I don't want to see Blueshields, when Command is stacked. Having authority (when they do not have any) to change AI laws, call shuttle, contribute heavily to the RP scene of Command decisions. They can comment, but shouldn't be a raging wizard about it. Too often the Blueshield RP-breaks to snide-remark or comment/enforce an idea, action or other. To create a false authority.

This is enabled further through Captain ID, Captain Radio. 

OOC Blueshields need to be looked at with more focus. It's an extremely powerful role, that is suppose to be limited, but has lost all those limitations through social engineering within our community. It is simply assumed that a BS now gets AA / AF. Can now get away with Redshield/Changing Laws.

Mind me, though. That the lee-way is very much curved to Security as well. Who can unlawfully shoot, baton, or other - space law crime, and simply get ignored because #It's only Minor.

Which baffles me since it may as well not be included in Space Law if no one, IC or OOC tries to properly enforce it. The few times as IAA, Magi, or other that I try to tell Blueshield or Security off via reports or spess law, its often responded to with - 'but y its minor crime...'

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