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January Wiki Update

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Hey everyone!

It seems to be that people are ramping up editing the wiki which is awesome. Infact, we've gone from having around 30ish articles needing revision down to 20. Which is spectacular!

I'm writing these in hope that people will get some sort of direction in regards to what needs to be done on the wiki to improve it and how they can get involved so we can get people assigned to articles. Additionally, I'm hoping this can serve as some sort of documentation as to what big changes have been made to the wiki so people can read the actual up to date material.

What needs to be done on the Wiki:

  • Lavaland articles need a massive overhaul. They have not been properly written since Lavaland was added a few years ago. This will require a few dedicated people and some advanced planning.
  • The EMP Effects page still needs more content to be added to it. Currently @Shaw is heading this up so make sure to contact them before making edits.
  • Engineering Items is outdated and needs old items removed and new items added(such as the emergency floodlight), this is a really good project for anyone that wants to learn how to wiki edit btw.
    • References outdated items like the Syndicate Cloaking Device
    • Many many images are missing, especially under the computers sections
    • Things like the Space Heater could be updated to use their gif version which are already on the wiki
  • Medical Items needs to be cleaned up. While it could use a onceover to look for missing items it has other formatting issues 
    • Has redundant location/page references (ex: marking location as OR1 and OR2 when Operating Theatre is more appropriate)
    • Has Strike-through jokes on a reference page for department items(this should be saved for Guides/Job Pages)
    • Descriptions of the items are not supposed to be a how-to. They are supposed to be a description on what they are and what they do, many of these descriptions can be shortened as a result
    • General Clean Formatting: References to pages like the Guide to Chemistry should not be in <code> blocks and the descriptions of items should probably not be text-aligned to the center
  • TEG needs an experienced Atmosian to look over it.
    • I would go more into detail of it, but I don't know enough about atmos to comment on it.
  • Guide to Admin Tools needs to be populated with more content. If any admins would like to contribute to this that would be great...
  • Guide to Spriting needs to be looked over by an experienced spriter
    • There are external links to TGstation spriting stuff(big no no) that either need to be removed or redone to direct to Paradise Pages
  • Languages needs to be formatted, it's currently just a wall of text with some headers.
    • This is great if you want to learn how to format an article
    • Don't delete stuff on Wryns. Coding Chat told me that "they're going to be readded at some point so don't delete" >:|
  • Honk Squad needs to be cleaned up it's fine
  • Geneticist needs examples of how they can help out the station added to it

Major Changes that Have Been made Since December

  • Riot Control Article has been rewritten
  • Abductor Article has been rewritten
  • Guide to Engineering has been rewritten
  • Guide to Space Exploration has been revised and finished
  • Russian Derelict location has been added
  • Blob was reformatted and cleaned up
  • Guide to Paperwork was updated to include all supported bbcode
  • An outdated section of Security Pod Pilot was removed from Security SOP
  • Lots and lots of minor edits


Since most other threads on this subsection of the forums are extremely old(and stagnant). Feel free to report missing/in need of revision wiki pages here. Additionally, if you want to get involved with editing the wiki and don't know how, @ me on the discord and I'll sit down and teach you stuff when I get the chance. I hope to continue doing this every 1-2 months.

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crossed out an article that doesn't need fixing.
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First of all, thank you @Sirryan2002 for taking the initiative and taking the charge on getting our wiki up to date; it’s much needed and much appreciated. 

I am still working on the EMP page. Currently just looking for more things to add. I am a little inefficient as to how I go about looking for items as I am just using my in game experiences for things I *think* would interact with an EMP, and then using a test server to emp flashlight/emp grenade said objects and observing what happens. I have tried combing the code to see which items have emp interactions, however code is a new thing to me and while I can “sort of” read it, it’s mostly inefficient. I am going to continue relying on taking notes of items I see while playing on Para that I would think could be EMP’d and hoping that the community PMs me either here or on discord about items they think would be affected by an EMP so I can then test. Once I have more entries, I will then work on formatting the page to look nicer and more organized. 

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