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Crew Record: Seeseskis

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Name: Seeseskis

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Unathi

Blood Type: B-

General Occupational Role(s): Medical, Engineering, and Chef


2562 September 24th, Central Command, Interview with Seeseskis after Rescue (Log Start)

- Recording Playing -

Commander Ladaly, we’ve got something!


A signal, it's got a recorded message attached. Looks like the signal is coming from an uncommon travelling route. A disabled space pod.

Play the message would you Faraday?

- message started with recorder activated and fumbled onto a table -


My name issss s-s-ssSeeseskis. 

If anyone can hear thissss. I’m an Unathi and I’m sssseeking refuge.

I have been drifting through sssssspace in a now no longer functional Unathi military grade pod.


I have roughly 4 days more oxygen before I’m in trouble.

- papers rustle -

I’m a runaway from Moghes, born to fight a war with people of my own. 

My pod is damaged from my retreat and I can no longer change my course.


I… fear the worsssssst.

Heh, no. No I won’t go yet.

Anyone who comesssss by this message my coordinatesssss are uploaded in.. uh… in this messssage.

I beg for your transparency to my ssssituation. Thossssse of ill intent, I ask of you to have mercy.

But for thosssse who desssssire not to finish me off. Or take what I have left.
If it at all helpssssss, I am an able fighter

trained in medicine and ssssome electrical engineering. 

A fresh ssssstart perhaps heh. Ain’t that the shit. 

You’ll never get another sssssSeeseskis anyhow.


Want me to send someone out Ladaly?

But of course, have him brought here. 

- Recording Stopped

And this is how we found you. You were pretty lucky all things considered. You had less oxygen available than you predicted and a few space carps would've torn you to shreds.

I sssstill don't know your name.

You can call my Ladaly, I work as a commander for Central Command. Nanotrasen.

Nanotrasssen. I've only heard bad thingssss from home. Why sssssave me?

Its all talk Sees. You said you had medical training, engineering too?

You aren't gonna ssssend me to my death are you? I ran for a reasssson.

No no don't be silly. I have an idea where to put you. You could be a valuable asset. About that too, mind explaining yourself? Who exactly are you outside of your little distress message.

Honestly, thatsssss not the only high praisssse I have received. I was born in a family of my own kind you ssssee, two brotherssssss and a sssisssssster. Ussss Unathi have a reputation for being a little warmongering ssso it wasn't out of the ordinary for my peerssss to go turning me into a killer for battle. Perssssonally I didn't sssee much purpose in fighting but I wassss sssstill trained in it, can't ssssay I'm displeasssed, the training wasss great. Its nice to be able to protect yoursssself. But I alsssso learnt how to ssssave livessss, cook, build. Sssstuff to me that jusssst ssstuck better than fighting. I didn't get a choice for what I wanted to be ssso my plan was to get out of dodge asss ssssoon asssss the opportunity came to me. It wassss all because found I wassss drawn to a higher purpossse, to pressserve life. There'll only be one Ladaly and only one ssssSeeseskis sssso why sssssquander that ssssspecial uniquenessssss? I found a even greater interesssst when I heard and interacted with artificial intelligence and cyborgssss. Machinesssss that had a whole person transssplanted that shit is really interesssting! sssimply put. Living forever to when I'm ready to depart sssssounds well within my life goalssss. Anyway where wassss I?

Opportunity to get out?

Thanksss. I can get carried away. sssSo uhm. I kept jussst following orderssss finding room where I could. It wasss building up to be firsssst big fight. One that would legitmately decide if I live or die. I wasss running out of time, that time indeed ran out. It wassss in battle where assss ssssoon assss combat began I made a run for it. Ssssspace pod away. But I didn't get out with the sssscratches I have now.

Do you worry you'll find your family or peers again? Or they find you?

No. No I made my possssition dead clear to them. I didn't want to take part in fighting. For all they know though, I'm dead. Dead asss hell. Through all that time me and them walked together they lissssstened but did not hear me. I won't forget. 

So what about your family and peers lost in the battle you fought in?



I don't deny they needed me. Maybe. If ssssomeone died I could've sssssaved their life. But they didn't care for me. I care for them really I do, but itssss. A contorted messsss. 

*Seeseskis scratches his neck, looks uncomfortable*

And non friends and family

I'd treat them with the ssssame ssssseverity asssss they did my wellbeing. as "ssssseriously" as possssible. It be only fair.

This only extends to those who did you wrong though right? No conflicts of interests?

They're Basssstards...

Beg pardon?

Sssorry ssssorry, no not you. But yesssss no conflict of interesssstsssss. I'll put it like thissss. If you abusssse a persssson for a good 20 or ssso years disssmissssing their concernsss and the like, they sssshouldn't be expecting help from you when the chipssss are down. I know people who had it worsssse but sssstill.

*sounds of notes being jotted down*

As for that life preserving thing. Expand on that, our stations are populated but not just the average crew but robots as well. Is becoming a robot of interest to you?.

Very. Although, I have decided assss I'm at sssuch a young age. I will only do it once I'm ssssstarting to naturally decay. Frankly, I just like to believe I'm the one who decidesssss when I live or die. I mean, itssss not one hundred percent guaranteed sssssure. But I don't want my aging body be the reasssson I die.

Hmm, and what of that fighting history. Have you ever killed another person?




Another quesssstion pleassse.

Seeseskis, I will need to know if you'll be a safe addition to our crew. Instead, are you a stable person.

Yeah, yeah I am. I've jussst... From how I... you can already guesssss.

*sounds of notes being jotted down*

Do you get along well with others?

I can be a little jittery. I try to be talkative but when itssss about me and my hissstory. Ssssalt on the wound y'know? Itsss not a fun thing to sssspeak of.

Do you have any criminal records to speak of?

I won't lie, yessss. Usssse of narcoticssss, asssssault.


Tell me about the assault first.

ssssSo for thossse timessss I did get away from home planet to planet albeit only temporarily I did find people that were... Fuck it. They anger me. Dissssscrimination becausssse I'm a Unathi type shit. That day I actually learnt how usssseful my tail isss for fighting. It doesssn't go much further than that. Assss for drugssss... yeah. ssssSometimes it jussst helpsss.



I confesssss there were timessss where I completely lost ssssight of any purpossssessss I held dear, becaussse turning down the pain from my upbringing with pleassssure sssseemed purpossse enough.

*sounds of notes being jotted down*

There is a lot more for me to discuss with you Sees. You don't seem to be that big a risk and I reckon I have just the spot for you.


Well... I mean... don't leave me guessssing! Come on!

One of our stations. The NSS Cyberiad. Its got a good staff and the roles on that station fluctuate enough for you to try your hand and prove your expertise in your supposed fields.

Isss there anything I should know? I mean I'm on board. But if there isss anything extra...

I'll fill you in as we go. Welcome to the team Seeseskis. Get some shuteye and we'll continue processing you. You have had a rough few days as is.

Thanksss Ladaly

That'll be now Commander Ladaly to you. Get well.

2562 September 24th, Central Command, Interview with Seeseskis after Rescue (Log End)


Has a Degree in Medicine

Has training in combat.

Employment Records:

Service - As a chef Seeseskis honours the principles of ensuring everyone gets a meal based on your culinary preferences. He accommodates for vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores alike and often tries to work with the next door bartender to make an effective and enjoyable fine dining experience.  As for other service roles he has little interest only rarely working in janitorial, hair styling, and botany among other positions.

Medical - Seeseskis has had experience in all the medical roles and expressly enjoys the Coroner position the most but works more in chemistry. He has an eye for medical resource efficiency and knows how to save a life when the chips are down. Additionally his patients he openly provides some vanity to them, such as working to reverse the effects of the Pierrot's Throat virus by doing a full head and brain transplant for a patient of his.

Engineering - In the engineering department Seeseskis has little but capable experience. He is an able craftsman and builder that prioritizes the stations solar panels more so than the engine for personal moral reasons. He has a knowledge of hacking that he utilizes sparingly but has a tendency to shock himself. Seeseskis has no understanding in the slightest in atmospherics.

Command - Seeseskis only has worked as a Chief Medical Officer and Head of Personnel. He gets the job done but often finds difficulty in socializing with other command. He says the position is very threatening and stressful for him so that's why conversation for him is so fickle.

Security - He is a trying fighter with a well understanding of Space Law. Usually Seeseskis works as a physician for security or as a station detective which he has known great comprehension in such. He doesn't like guns much however, which is what he states as to his reason to keeping distance from normal security matters.

Science - Seeseskis knows some of the functions and purposes of the science department but ultimately dislikes R&D. He has held interest in the past for robotics and xeno-biology but often doesn't find opportunity in such work. Bottom-line, he rarely if ever works here.

Supply - Typically Seeseskis if he is ever in the supply team he is working as a miner. He has never worked a proper cargo position as a normal thing but has demonstrated competency in the cargo bay before.

Security Records:

Has been caught during his time in chemistry testing narcotics he had made. Seeseskis was detained and a psychiatric examination indicated no illegal distribution of narcotics and just a chemical interest in the drugs he was making but this is often disputed. This was reported to HR and he has been given another chance to in his words "not get caught" for this behaviour again. It is generally advised to keep an eye on him just in case this happens again.

Once working as a chef for the station managed to find clearance into the stations morgue. He seized this opportunity to get more meat for food but was stopped before the bodies could be ground.

During medical practice has been noticed to be performing abnormal surgical procedures on people to reverse the effects of the Pierrot's Throat virus. This was consensual but carries major ethical concerns regarding the ships monkey supply.

Medical Records:

Has bad chemical burns contributing to nerve damage on the hands. Chemical burns were from long term exposure to hydrogen peroxide while on the job as a chemist.

Damaged base of tail from lava-land encounter with a Goliath. Damages have not affected the tail functionality but it has been recommended to Seeseskis to have it amputated due to potential later health complications as a result. On every account they have refused citing "I like my tail, and you aren't cutting it off".

Possible allergy to teporone as discovered during a chemical accident involving said substance.

Has been caught a few times testing narcotic chemicals made on the job each time having them sent to the psychiatrist for a check-up. Results are chalked up to a general chemical fascination and not abusive behaviour although this is often disputed. Advised regardless to not do this for his own sake and for the integrity of his Standard Operating Procedure.

Personnel Photo (Appearance text):


The Unathi before you bares green and yellow scales are that glisten with moisture generated from the webby fins on their head. Their hands you can see tell tales of chemical burns from a history of chemistry work. Their tail looks mangled from a past encounter with a creature most vile. But regardless of their damaged physically appearance they carry a lazy but enthusiastic mood in their stride.

Art Stuffs:


- Made by me in a sitting. I'm not an proper artist as you can tell. But I tried.

Commendations [only to be added by admin]:



Reprimands [only to be added by admin]:



Other Notes:

Favourite Food - Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Favourite Alcoholic Beverage - Irish Cream

Favourite Narcotic - Morphine

Creators Note:

Any and all critiques are welcome and correcting of grammar and spelling are equally as welcome. Thanks for reading. (I'll be adding on this sometime in the future. maybe.)

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