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Winkus the Clown Vampire

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Let me preface this with the fact that I am very unrobust, only been playing for a couple months.

Get clown, change name to Winkus.
Winkus is also a vampire, who needs to drink blood, kill a miner, steal station blueprints, and survive.
First, I lure the mime into maints, where after only a tiny bit of drinking, I'm walked in on.
I play it off, and despite the mime's best efforts, she is ignored.
I go into the mafia den near sec to change clothes to hopefully shake suspicion. 
I clumsily trap my second victim with a banana and zipties, and as I'm drinking a chemist comes along.
The chemist reveals they are also a vampire, and we share a hearty assistant snack.
She gives me a spray cleaner full of lube that gets taken from me not 10 minutes later.
After failing to trap a janitor, I run away and switch my clothing back to my clown attire.
Soon after, sec gets to me. After blowing all of my blood points, they force me to drink the stinky water, and then I die.
For some reason, they bring me to medbay where I'm resurrected, and after a failed escape attempt, I'm beaten to death once more.
This time, someone puts me in the cloner, and this is where things fell apart.
When I was cloned, my name wasn't Winkus, it was Boggart Welles, my usual character.
They're confused, so they cuff me and put the clown suit on (I assume for the sensors) and ONE officer takes me off to sec to be tested for vampirism.
I stun him, and run to EVA where I talk a slime person out of turning me in while I free myself.
Naked and afraid, I stumble around until I find some clothes, and disguise myself.
Without an ID, I can't go anywhere, so I hide in maints that people left open until I come across the chemist again.
They get me an unidentified ID in maints, that at least lets me use regular airlocks, but not maints.
Still hungry, I walk right up to genetics and ask for a humanized monkey.
The geneticist there didn't even flinch and just gave me one.
As I drag it to the bathrooms to feed (most secluded place I could think of without maints access), someone catches me.
Immediately, most of sec is there to arrest me.
I look out the door and use the stun eyes, and walk away undisturbed.
I later try to stun the CE, who also turned out to be a vampire.
He happily gives me the blueprints and a CE radio so I can hear comms again, and sends me on my way.
Not long after, I subdue and suck an assistant dry, who after I read his PDA notes, he knew what was coming and let me do it.
My pride hurt, I suck him dry, but its not enough to fill me.
New ID and one identity morph later, I'm crawling through maints.
I try to abduct a janitor, who ALSO happens to be a vampire, and no blood is sucked.
A while later of ambling through maints, failing to capture people, and changing clothes, the shuttle arrives.
I succeed in all but killing the miner, who I was hoping would just die, as my capabilities are lacking and I could only take easy kills, not actively target someone.

That was my first vampire game, and it was a damn good one.

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