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"All Races Together" - A stationwide footrace

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Name of Event: All Races Together - A stationwide footrace

One Sentence Description: NT is holding a stationwide footrace to improve morale and race-relationships.


Map Changes: No

Code Changes: No

Suggested Number of Players: Medium-highpop

Full Description of Event:

Due to complaints of non-diversity, Nanotrasen is starting it's "All races together" initative which is a foot race from one end (arrivals) of the station to the other (departure). They hope it will bridge racial chasms and bring the whole crew together. Security is in charge of keeping the racetrack clear and the captain/ntrep/IAA agents are in charge of documenting the start and end, and who wins.

At the start of the shift, the race is announced to be happening probably like an hour or 45minutes into the shift. During that time the track needs to be prepared and cleared of debris and all contestants can get time to excercise, hopefully together in a wide constellation of races.

After the race there should be an award ceremony where the captain hands out medals.

Altough it isn't important who wins, the winner will get some sort of price, maybe a date with the captain/a letter from the head of Nanotrasen/a special joke made by the clown/The captain can choose.

The journey is the fun, not the destination.

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Sounds like a fun concept, not to derail your idea, but I can imagine it somehow turning into a raging war between species. Also like the last part, lately a lot of people seem overly concerned with 'winning'.

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Thanks for the reply! I would be surprised if it turned out to be a race-war but honestly, if it does, then that's what happens. There is no set destination this event needs to end up with. If the race is a big mess, the winner was methed up, the clown lubed the whole track, race relations were irrevocably damaged... then that's what happened. It sounds like a really interesting round to me. Compared to "nukies want to blow up the station, kill them or die", it sounds pretty amazing.

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