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Redirects for common abbreviations

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When I hit the Wiki button in the Byond cilent, I want to get to things quickly, but getting the wiki names right is annoying, and if we make abbreviations easier to understand with the wiki button, that will help newbies as well. So here's the list of redirects I think would be useful:

HOP -> Head of Personnel

HOS -> Head of Security

CC -> Central Command

RD -> Research Director

CMO -> Chief Medical Officer

CE -> Chief Engineer

SOP -> Standard Operating Procedure

IAA -> Internal Affairs Agent

ERT -> Emergency Response Team

QM -> Quartermaster

(I know some people use the lowercase-o, e.g. "HoP", but unless anything's changed since I last checked, Mediawiki titles are case-insensitive, so we just need to create one or the other)

Any I'm missing?

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AI - artificial intelligent (not useful).

 slings - shadowlings.

clings - changelings.

Rep/NTR  - nanotrasen representative.

 magi - magistrate.

bs - blueshield.

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