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Octus's Art Dump

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This is where I dump my art, I try to do the best in my work.

Either way I like to improve, all criticism no matter how blunt or soft is welcomed, but I will always prefer the truth then a white lie.

Stay tuned for more work folks. 


Tokorizo the Vicious Vox



The Mission




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Your coloring is amazing holy shit these r sick. Really gives the Space Horror Show vibe, imo. Love it

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This is really cool, I really like the second one especially because it really gives those SS13 vibes. The 2nd one really looks like it could be some BEE MAN syndicate character almost. I'd add more detail into the first one cause it seems more portaity and could use just a bit more to describe the bloody voxx but I still really like it.

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5 hours ago, Jayne Steller said:

This is really cool, I really like the second one especially because it really gives those SS13 vibes. The 2nd one really looks like it could be some BEE MAN syndicate character almost. I'd add more detail into the first one cause it seems more portaity and could use just a bit more to describe the bloody voxx but I still really like it.

thanks for the criticism on the first one, funny story but the first one was on my phone and the second one was my first actual project on a tablet, so hopefully that can explain the quality change. Ill prob get back to redoing that one another time. But yeah the Vox pic could use more work.

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Posted (edited)

Coffee Break


This took longer than it should have... after multiple redraws, fixes, color edits... and learning tricks in art. I present you this piece with some of my favorite Vox on station, @SlimeBird as Chikitita, the Caffineoholic, @BlackDog as Kar-Ski, the Maestro, and myself as Toko, the Vicious. Overall I am happy and tired with how this came out, im gonna be playing video games and finishing up my finals in the upcoming week, either way stay tuned folks. 

Story Flavor Text:


[Common] (Captain) says, "Ok crew today we will be building a DN... what th-


Chikitita says, "Uhhh... was that...?

Tokorizo handed the soy latte to Chikitita

Chikitita says, "Well... is free coffee.

Kar-Ski nods. X4

[Common] (Librarian) says, "BRIDGE GONE CALL SHUTTLE!"

[Common] (Security) says, "PLASMAFIRE!"

Tokorizo says, "Skrektastic.


Edited by Octus
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Its like a DND party


Toko is the barbarian/fighter

Chiki is the cleric/healer

and Kar-Ski is the Bard



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HALT! HALT! HALT! (Idea sketch)


Heres a sketch idea ive sorta been working on and off for a while, it was supposed to be done a while back as a quickie but ill be honest, SS13 is a very fun and time consuming game. None the less this was pretty much created as a way for me to practice my dynamic poses and shading as I always felt i could try to improve it. Self critique wise, line-work needs improvement, shading is prob off, and I could have colored it a bit more but i didn't want to get too invested,  and anatomy is rather mediocre but either way. Not my finest work but I hope it meets satisfactory, ill try to make something more better next time. Anyways, thanks for reading and stay tuned folks.

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Hey there, Tokorizo has asked me to post his latest work and some information behind his thought process on their creation here as he is currently unable to, and hopes you all enjoy it.

"I might not be around that much anymore, but i'll still be doing art for the community from time to time. Either way, I hope my art brings joy or inspiration to people. Anyways, stay tuned folks. And Skrektastic." - Tokorizo/Octus

All art below drawn by Tokorizo/Octus, please do comment and share your thoughts and feelings



"The Intervention: So usually after a "Toko moment" it ends up with Chiki sneaking into wherever they dumped Tokos body and she removes his stack, afterwards sticking it into an MMI and bullying poor Toko. Usually involving threats of Borging (terrifying) or just calling him short (hates it). Either way, my most memorable moments in SS13 are not during my antag rounds, but the aftermath and Chiki really plays her character well. As for the art, it was my first attempt at a comic, and honestly I thought it was done well. I used a more cartoony style for this one"



"Kikeri the Harmonious Vox: Kikeri is a literal polar opposite to Tokorizo, and that's why I find their character the most interesting. Kikeri is a type of Vox to make peace not war while Toko enjoys the chaos he brings. Kikeri is a great Vox to be around, I still have yet to see Kikeri ever harm a poor mouse on station. This design was done similarity to my Esfor picture with added effects to it (Shadow, clothes are more detailed, and a more advanced Dynamic pose compared to the previous Vox picture.)"



"Esforikakiti the Lonesome Vox: Esfor is lonely Vox, he feels isolated and finds it hard to relate to his kin, it results in him focusing on his craft and the station as a whole. It's been said that he's been seen talking to the literal "station" during repairs. Possible crazy? nah he's just a Vox who loves his craft, working on it his entire life and having a belief that they are alive, and he cares about it. As for the art it was the first time at an attempt to work on a pose that didn't feel flat. I used new techniques like rim lighting, experimenting with layers, and the style of my Vox."



"Guardian Vox: So we have a very funny joke between vox players involving Chikitia stuffing poor Esfor into a ball for his own "protection". Meanwhile another Vox was posting more realistic, aliens depictions of Vox that were not usually the design I would go for, it was more gritty, and I love gritty art. And lastly, the pose is inspired from metroid, one of my favorite games of all time and a major influence for Tokorizo (My vox). Either I like to consider this one my favorite picture to have ever worked on, I tested with filters, tried a different style of drawing and layering, and got to make a funny joke into a something I've been having on my mind for weeks. For obvious reasons Chiki is the big guardian holding poor Esfor in the bubble... for his own protection of course. This is my shining gem."



"Plasmaman Speedpaint: I uploaded the species sketch in the art discord and got a lot of positive stuff about plasmamen, I decided to do a quick speedpaint on it to practice my pure painting skills. This was experimental and looking back there was a lot I could have improved on but for a speedpaint done in afternoon with no lineart I feel its satisfactory"



"Species Sketch: I wanted to... widen my variety on the awesome species in Paradise, Vox were an obvious drawing that I enjoy doing, my main species and my personal bias species. Unathi, prob the next group of species I wanted to get to learning as I enjoy lizard biology and Unathi were my first species to play on Para, I have so many memory's starting out on Para and they involved Unathi players, IPCs are a fun species, I enjoy machines designs, there anatomy on how flexible they can be, and even the lore behind them, I've also found IPC players to be nicest people on station. And lastly plasmamen, the rather not seen much species (because they got nerfed into the ground) is always a cool design. I love their suit designs, there unique passive of living in a toxic environment, and how underappreciated they are, (we really need more art of this species.)"


"Terror Sketch: Terrors are one of my favorite antags, there's a wide variety, there intelligent, cooperative, and they don't spam stun on you (lol) anyways, I wanted to do a quick little draw on something that wasn't drawn often, a spider. Not just any spider, a Terror Spider. For a quick afternoon sketch i'd say it was a fun lil side project"

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These are awesome, wish i had any sort of artistic talent, but alas no. Glad to see people in this community who has. Don't stop sharing, and as Chad used to say, "Riot never ends" Applies to art as well.

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Hey there, Toko/Octus has a couple new pieces for people to enjoy

(Disclaimer: All art below drawn by Tokorizo/Octus, please do comment and share your thoughts and feelings)



Koik the Kingpin: Picture I did for a good friend of mine in game and I love their Dynamic with Toko. This picture I sorta experimented with brush uses and different types of shading, a used like 30 brushes and mixed them all around to really add the vibrancies to Koik, with after effects being the cherry on top. Overall I really like how this came out, really has that POP and character to it, something I like to see as improvement, and its my first Unathi drawing. Expect more from the more recognized lizards in game as I have ambitions to expand my species pallet.



Jailbird: Wanted to do something with a bit more dread as I really like concepts of isolation or just emptiness. There is a sort of quiet ambience I picture in my mind when I see this picture and its rather unsettling. Overall I tried to stick to using the color blue as its good to represent a feeling of loneliness, sadness, or just a aloofness feeling. I added a bit of lighting as it really fits well with a picture of darkness and really shows emotion that the viewer can understand, also this picture was really big, like REALLY big for my scale. I usually work 1024x1024, this one was 4096x4096 so it was a big step up for me and I got to work on my background painting too. Overall not a bad start for practicing my more moody pictures.

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Hey there everyone, Toko/Octus has a new spooky piece and story they did for halloween and wishes to post it here for for everyone to enjoy.

(Disclaimer: All art below drawn by Tokorizo/Octus, please do comment and share your thoughts and feelings)



Behind the scenes: Picture I drew for Halloween. I got from an idea of Kikeri being evil. Wanted to draw a creepy picture and pretty gritty scene with a bit of a story to add to the scene. Overall this was a pretty long project and I had a lot of enjoyment doing this, give the story a read and give a criticism. Is it bad, is it good? Id love to hear your opinions. Anyways, take care and stay tuned folks.




Kikeri has had a history of having odd friends, friends from other realms and dimensions who were
much different than her.

These friends would ask for help from Kikeri, and she happily obliged in order to keep them at bay and
have the benefits of having friends like them. Like a certain blood demon, who would befriend her and
ask for small favors from time to time.

She thought they were rather minor, occasionally drawing runes in stolen medical bay blood, to leaving
small pieces of meat she looted from the kitchen in dark rooms around the station, only to hear
crunching moments later. As the requests began to increase in frequency, so too did the complexity of
the task. These tasks ranged from stealing corpses from the morgue, to breaking into mining to dig for
ancient artifacts on the planets hellish landscape.

As the requests kept increasing, they eventually turned into demands, one demand she sadly could not
decline. Murder, the demon wanted a sacrifice, not for their own insatiable hunger, but for its twisted
sick amusement.

The demon choose Chikitita, and it gifted her a blade for the kill. Kikeri begged and attempted to plead
with the demon, but it had made its mind up. It wanted a life; one she would be forced to take or her
life would be forfeit

As Kikeri nervously grabbed the saw axe, she had a feeling she had never felt before, her arms
strengthened, her mind felt freer, and she realized someone else who deserved to die.
She told the demon of a Vox that would make a much more worthy sacrifice, one that the demon would
enjoy watching die to protect her friend, she said “Tokorizo”.

She knew Tokorizo personally, and always felt anxious around him, but that feeling of anxiety was
changed with a feeling of bloodlust. She stealthily snuck through the maintenance tunnels of the station
and patiently waited for Tokorizo outside of his workplace, stalking him with a crew tracker, until she
noticed his signal was moving in her direction.

Isolated and walking with his PDA out in the pitch black of maintenance, he was oblivious to his

As he entered in a set of digits into his PDA he heard a locker open and turned around to see Kikeri
standing armed with a large, cleaver like sawblade. It spooked Toko, as he took a step back Kikeri lunged
at him with the sawblade, slicing his stomach open and inflicting minor cuts into his legs.

Toko attempted to fight Kikeri back, wounded and in the dark he tried to grab her and perhaps disarm
her, she dodged his attacks using her size and speed to get behind Toko and dismemberd his left arm
with a swift clean strike.

Toko screamed and fell to the floor in shock, he attempted to crawl back out of maintenance, but the
damage had been done.

Toko took one final look at Kikeri, he pleaded for his life, but she had made up her mind a long time ago.
Kikeri delivered the final blow to Toko, slaying him where he laid. Kikeri decapitated him and offered his
head to the blood demon. The demon laughed and Tokos head and stack were devoured by her new

Kikeri later broke into medical, and saw Chikitita, sitting oblivious to what had just occured in the break
room, sipping her usual drink of choice, soy lattes.

As she looked up, she stammered and froze up to see her kin covered in blood, not only was this what
caught her attention, she noticed the blood in a certain hue, azure blue blood.

Kikeri told Chikitita about the kill and how she felt alive, Chikitita was shocked and terrified by the
revelation, she said “Kikeri this is not like yous! What's got into you?!” to which she replied, “Oh don’t
worry Chiki, I'm feeling... SKREKTASTIC.

Happy Halloween

Credits to Blackdog, Lumi, for helping me with the work, thank you guys and much love



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