Employee Record: Adam Cohen

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Name: Adam Lev Cohen

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Blood Type: B+

General Occupational Role(s): Miner, Security Officer, Chemist.


Biography: Born on September 18th, 2535 on New Aviv to a family of Jewish colonists, Adam Lev Cohen spent his early life going through the educational system - he mainly excelled at chemistry and physical arts. His family did not have the funds to pay for a private education required for chemistry, he joined the Trans Solar Army at 19 years old, after a year of unsuccessfully applying for scholarships. 

Cohen was assigned to the 29th Infantry Division, 3rd Battalion 'Yehudim', 5th company, 2nd platoon, 3rd Squad. He bonded closely with Corporal Michael Nehai and Private Samuel Abelman. He took part in the invasion of Galixis in 2557 after it suffered a massive communist rebellion, attempting to defect to Space Russia. He took part in the uphill combat in the planet's forested and mountainous region, where his unit among the others suffered heavy casualties against uphill assaults. He was awarded the Gallantry Medal for advancing out of cover to retrieve Samuel Abelman, wounded by machine-gun fire, throwing a grenade in the process that would kill or wound 5 insurgents. Samuel Abelman would die a few hours later due to the severity of his wounds, and the unavailability of cloning meant that Abelman was permanently dead. At the end of the occupation in 2558, Cohen exited the armed forces.



Qualifications: Adam Lev Cohen is excellent at following orders. His combat experience can be of use against human enemies, and he is educated in how to produce rudimentary chemicals.


Employment Records: Adam Lev Cohen has been a Nanotrasen employee since July 9th, 2561. He has worked on the Cyberiad since August 20th, 2561. 


Clearance: Medical, Security.


Adam Lev Cohen suffers from Claustrophobia as a result of the tunnel-fighting towards the end of the campaign in the mountains. When in maintainence tunnels, he is hunched over and noticably twitchy and nervous. In situations of extreme stress, he may revert to his military behavior and speak to individuals who are not alive or not present - notably, Samuel Abelman. 

Adam Lev Cohen also suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and at times, may huddle behind objects under the illusion that a hostile is at the end of a hallway or in another room.  Therapy has aided him in this aspect and he has made significant progress, but on occasion he still suffers episodes.

Cohen went on to earn a 2-year degree from Temple University on his home planet. The presence of more qualified NT chemists means that when this route is unavailable, he works as a shaft-miner or a security officer.


Personnel Photo (Appearance text):

The picture depicts a 25-26-year-old Adam Cohen in a nanotrasen jumpsuit, taken at the time of his initial employment in 2561. He is a pink-haired, average built man.

Other Notes:

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