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[Atmos] How airtight are your windows?


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After seeing a fair amount of plasma escaping containment, i decided to dig a little deeper into why windows sometimes are not airtight.

Below is a summary of my findings, along with images for the different things tested, and what works/ does not work. 



Place your window of choice, fasten it, then replace the floor. 

P.S do not remove a floortile on the oposite side of the glass of your containment, it will leak an amount of contaminated air into the tile you remove.


All tests were made using reinforced plasmaglass along with a canister of plasma gas and some holofans.

1) One window, screwed and fastened the normal way


Result = Leak


2) Same as above, just an extra unscrew/screw of the window


result = leak

3) Normal fastening again, but this time, i removed and placed down the floortile under the plasmatank, after fastening the window


result= no leak!


4) Same window placement as above (note that the window is placed on the left tile), on this one i also replaced the tile under the tank.


Result = Airtight, this indicates that it does not really matter if it is the left or the right tile that is pulled up and placed down again for it to become airtight.


5) Experimenting with a fulltile window, this one in particular was not screwed down, and was still airtight.


Result = Airtight, but moveable, more on that soon


6) Standard fulltile window, screwed down as usual.


Result= Airtight.


7) Now this is where it gets fun, building a fulltile window, then moving the window any number of tiles, makes it no longer airtight.


Result = Leaks.


8 ) Large window moved over to a location of choice, then fastened as usual, and floor tile removed and placed again


Result = Airtight.


So there you have it folks, make sure that your windows are screwed properly in place, and that the floortiles are removed and placed again, that should remove most of the issues you have with atmos leaking. 

Also, word of warning, if you have plasma on one side of a single panel of glass, and remove the floortile on the clean side, you will draw an amount of plasma gas into the tile you removed, thus causing a contamination of the area you are in. 


Always remember to keep a scrubber handy when working with dangerous gases(and maybe remove any nearby welding tanks as well). Safety first!


Take care, and stay safe.



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