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D. Flufferton


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--For Authorized Eyes Only--

Name: David Flufferton

Nickname: "Fluffy"

Age: Birth of date unknown. Medical examination estimates above 30

Gender: Male

Race: Vulpkanin

Blood Type: O-


General Occupational Role(s): Medical, engineering



Place of birth remains unknown to this day. Flufferton was first found on trading outpost *Outpost no longer in use* at very young age. See photo records of scene. Was quickly recovered by authorities, due to sudden restless behavior onboard the outpost.

Flufferton was always very curious of things on the colony he was placed for "rehabilitation" to life in space. He picked up things faster than the commonly used language. Communication with local Vulpkanins was difficult, due to heavy accent Flufferton had.

Hasn't told records how he ended on that trading outpost, nor where he is from. Always just replied "They'll be back!". Over the years this comment grow less frequent, but the curiosity for space grew more.

Flufferton wasn't so to socialize with his others of his age, was more prone to study things he found interesting. At first given change Flufferton joined the medical education (See employment records.)

After graduation Flufferton worked part time at local colony sickbay for several years.


Record censored. [Clearance: Security]

Flufferton spent a lot of time with a local colonist *Name Removed*, occupation mechanic. Once again curiosity to space grew on him. Through this inspiration Flufferton applied for Engineering education.


Record censored. [Clearance: Medical]

To honor Fluffertons wishes, he was transferred "as far away as possible" from the colony he was. Only available station was NSS Cyberiad. Flufferton had no complaints about this. 



NT approved Degree in Healthcare and Nursing at age of 17

NT approved Degree in Electrical Engineering and Construction at age of 26

NT approved Degree of Leadership and Commanding (Ongoing, not finished)

NT approved Degree of Security and Safety (Fails field trainings. Not finished)


Employment Records:

Flufferton learned Galactic common only at age of 10, as far as records show. To this day still has some difficulties.

Showed great potential in the medical field, through determination and character. Graduated year earlier to rest of the class, with extra training in chemistry. Flufferton prefers to keep his tittle as a "nurse" (Finds it better so). At age of 21 Flufferton was placed off the medical duties, due to a conflict between them and their supervisor.

At age of 23 Flufferton took interest in Engineering, due to colonist *Name removed*. At age of 26 graduated with Degree in Electrical engineering.


Records between 26-28 years of age: [Clearance: Medical]

Since age of 29 Flufferton has returned to duty and has been a full time crew member of NSS Cyberiad.


Security Records: D.Flufferton is prone to follow the rules, sometimes they like to test their limits and luck. Co-operative, if spoken with right amount of respect.

Minor security notes: Prone for verbal violence. Easy to disarm of such behavior.

Medium security notes: NONE

Major security notes:


Assault: [Clearance: Security]


Medical Records: Overall healthy Vulpkanin.

Minor medical notes: NONE

Medium medical notes: Prone for burnouts / outbursts of frustration. Mostly verbal. Pat on the head usually discharges the situation

Major medical notes:


Injury: [Clearance: Medical]


Phobia: [Clearance: Medical]


Mental health: [Clearance: Medical]


Medication: *ERROR!* Data removed by a third party.


Personnel Photo:

Flufferton seems at first like any average Vulpkanin:

5′ 10″ in height. Weight is hard to tell by looking, due to the thick appearance. What makes it even harder, is that for a vulpkanin, he has abnormally  thick, tan fur. Clothing gives some idea of his figure, but still looks chubby. The curled tail and face is best way to tell how thick the fur is.

Ice blue eyes with somewhat lazy/oblivious expression when relaxed, sharp when focusing.

Follows commonly accepted clothing etiquette, with some hand made modifications to clothing. 


Other Notes/Photos:


*An photo of a young vulpkanin, sleeping on top shipping crates. On their jacket is attached a note. "Keep this skrek. Eats a lot!"*


*An photo of a rather happy vulpkanin, holding a folder of sorts. On background space colony landscape. Photo is torn in half.*


*An photo for Cyberiad assignment. Vulpkanin shows very neutral expression*

Flufferton is religious, to a non recorded belief for NT. Since belief is harmless, is allowed to continue this practice.

Seems most comfortable around Voxes, of all beings.

Always found Slime people fascinating.

Dislikes foul language, already from young age.

Flufferton keeps referring to something called "Bathday". Shows great disgust and dislike to topic. Yet personal hygiene is on accepted standards.

Do not expect Flufferton to be anywhere "early" in the morning. This is a accepted flaw. Plan meetings in the afternoon.



Readers identity saved on local files.

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