ImmortalRedshirt's QM/Cargo Tech Tier List

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It may not seem like it, but the station needs the supply department to stay afloat. When you're adding a new room, who has all the materials? When the nukies are at our doorstep, who's ordering and distributing the combat shotguns? Not only does it hold great importance to the station, it also holds great importance to new players, as any job within this department gets them acquainted with the game(cargo gets you used to controls, miner lets you apply those controls in combat, and QM gives you experience with leading a department.) Not a single shift has gone by in glorious Cargonia where I haven't been teaching someone the ropes. So, without further ado, let's get this list started. Since Cargo Technician and Quartermaster have lots of overlap(heck, when the department is low on hands, I'll help them out as QM), this can apply to both, unless otherwise stated.


  • Doesn't order crates the other departments need
  • Orders crates that contain weapons, even though they don't have access or an emag. Seriously, this is just wasting points
  • Declares themselves to be forming the independent station-state of Cargonia(HAIL, HAIL CARGONIA, LAND OF STOLEN THINGS)
  • Hacks the MULEbots for no reason, other than 'haha person standing in front of bot go cronch'
  • QM: Not only do they not report that one of their underlings tried ordering weapons, they also approved the order without paying much attention to who requested it
  • New players usually don't fall into this category, unless they try really hard

D Tier: Paperwork the Sloth

  • Doesn't really know what they're doing
    • Either doesn't ask for help or there is no one in the department with experience(the latter happens sometimes, have some patience. They'll figure it out)
  • Expect to ask for a crate at the beginning of the shift and get it sent by the end
  • Doesn't send crates or anything else back to CC, wonders why they have so few points
  • Takes fifteen minutes just walking around before getting around to printing out tools from the autolathe someone is asking for(true story)
  • QM: Completely neglects the miners, suddenly realizes that they're all dead when the ORM is empty

C Tier: Hi guys, I'm new around here!

  • These people aren't bad, just inexperienced. They're willing to learn and will get better
  • Asks plenty of questions(might be a little OOC in IC, but that's expected. They'll know about LOOC by the end of the shift)
  • Remembers to put manifests in crates, but doesn't remember to check and stamp them
  • QM: Cargo Tech with extra access, needs a few reminders to do their part of the job sometimes
  • Honestly, I have nothing really bad to say about these people. If they stick to it, they'll become expert spacemen soon. I've seen a lot of people in this category, they've kind of grown on me.

B Tier: Crate Expectations

  • Immediately calls the shuttle at the start of the shift and loads all the crates from the storage room when it arrives
  • Grabs the RCS, moves the telepad to the conveyor, and tells their department they're hunting for crates in maintenance(only do this if there's other people that can run cargo just fine)
  • Can process orders relatively quickly
  • Uses MULEs and disposals to deliver until they hear about a breach, then they just use MULEs and manual delivery
  • Makes sure to put a stack of plasma in one of the crates if there's enough in the ORM
  • Stamps manifests, but doesn't check them(it's okay, you don't lose points for that)
  • Remembers to request tech disks from R&D, pays them back with the machine prototypes
  • QM: Coordinates the technicians so that everything that needs to be done is done, checks in on the miners occasionally
  • QM: Reports to security when one of the technicians tries to order something bad but doesn't reject order until security takes a look

A Tier: Makes Cargonia Proud

  • Always pays attention to comms, knows exactly what to order when it's needed
  • Moves the autolathe so that they aren't constantly walking back and forth
  • When they have the points, orders the station goal crates before engineering even asks for them
  • Declares themselves to be forming the independent station-state of Cargonia
  • Declares themselves to be forming the station-state of Cargonia as a loyal vassal to the rest of the station
  • If they do send crates through disposals, they make sure to verify that the crates reached their destination
    • If the crate does not reach its destination, they will jump into a locker, get someone to wrap and tag it with the original destination, and flushes themselves down disposals to find the cut pipe. Make sure to maximize your sensors and bring internals!(Also, don't do this when comms are down)
  • QM: Only approves orders for fun crates for their department if there is a massive surplus of points, and even then, only spends lightly
  • This is really easy to get to for anyone, once they spend some time in cargo

If I'm missing something, PLEASE let me know!

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you forgot S class, cargonia that actually makes a working solar field outside of cargo with a functioning bar, along with ordering medkits for miners round start, and pre-preps crates when they hear Red alert is called, they ask why red, and order the proper crates (aka vampires? pre-prep blood in the warehouse so medbay can have it asap).

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