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VeteranKyl's AI Tier List

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Beep boop oxygen is toxic to crew ass blast USA.
Oh boy. The AI. This ever omnipresent overseer can be one of the most powerful allies the crew, or antags, could ever ask for. With a legion of borgs at its call, access to every subsystem in the station, and a secret desire to see the station burn, one must always be wary of the power this silicon being holds... Assuming it even knows what it's doing. Unfortunately, Nanotrasen can be cheap. I mean, why throw out the brain of an assistant that looked down the barrel of a russian revolver. It'd be perfect inside the core of this terrifying super computer. Just like every electronic you buy, quality will vary between products.


  • Version 1 - baby's first computer
    • Has absolutely no idea what they're doing, nor are they gonna attempt to learn.
    • Expect random doors all across the station to be bolted or electrified, rooms randomly panic siphoning, power to the engine containment being disabled, and the intercoms screeching 'E E E E E E E E E' repeatedly.
  • Version 2 -  MaLfUnCtIoN (The player, not the AI itself)
    • This person knows just enough about AI to know how to ruin the station.
    • Expect all of the above, but done so maliciously.
    • Will come up with the most convoluted and illogical excuses for their behavior and how it 'follows their interpretation of their laws'.

E TIER: What does this button do?

  • Version 1.1 - Oh god. I could kill everyone.
    • Understands the bare minimum of AI, which is enough to scare them from doing much of anything.
    • Expect very little interaction with the crew. At most, they may talk in radio, but won't help locate people, open doors, or assist in emergencies.
    • Every action needs an Admin Help message to make sure he's not doing something wrong.
    • Might as well not have an AI.
    • .b AI are you alive?
  • Version 2.1 - Haha! VOX goes 'Captain condom'
    • Knows how AI works, but just barely.
    • Knows they have to follow their laws, but will push them to the breaking point.
    • Expect every request of the AI to be met with a snarky remark about how it's on Corporate laws and doesn't need to follow orders.
    • Expect every request of the AI to be met with no question because 'Crewsmov law 2, gotta let the clown into the armory because they ordered me to'.
    • Don't expect any help from this AI, even if he's a constant (And very annoying) presence.

D TIER: "Hello World"

  • Version 3 - Imma computer.
    • Knows the AI role enough to do basic requests.
    • Doesn't know mouse or keyboard shortcuts.
    • Doesn't know telecomms exists. Will be confused why the radio went out half way through the shift.
    • If it's more complex than opening a door, don't expect a response any time soon.
    • Watches in silence as people are murdered or spiders start eating monkies.
    • Borgs tend to be on their own. AI forgets they exist.
    • Doesn't always have the most sound interpretation of malicious/ion laws.

C TIER: That Darn Newfangled Technology

  • Version 3.1 - Systems Online
    • Is competent at the AI role, knowing a majority of the shortcuts and how to interact with most station systems.
    • Will start RPing, though tends to be based around a Hal 9000 persona.
    • Will alert security and command to emergencies happening around the station.
    • Will probably need to be told to set up telecomms, but at least knows how to do so.
    • May have issues with dealing with major threats, but will at least try to help.
    • Will communicate with borgs.
    • Goes a bit overboard when malicious/ion laws are uploaded.

B TIER: The Future is Now

  • Version 4 - "Hello! Welcome to the Cyberiad"
    • Congratulation on downloading the latest in Nanotrasen AI systems. This is truly the forefront of consumer technology.
    • This AI is just as important as a competent head of staff.
    • Always has an eye on radio chatter, station alerts, and crew vital sensors.
    • Will talk to all departments, and not just security or command.
    • If the AI catches you doing something bad, expect security to be on your ass in less than a minute.
    • Keeps a balanced roster of borgs for any emergency that may come up.
    • Is actually useful in fighting major threats and will keep the crew updated on events as they unfold.
    • When this AI receives malicious/ion laws, it'll take the time to properly interpret them.

A TIER: Central Command's Own AI

  • Version 5 - Cutting Edge Technology
    • Coded to have a unique, interesting, yet not disruptive personality that everyone enjoys interacting with.
    • Knows every station system front and back. Expect plasma floods to fail, power sabotage to be instantly discovered, and any sort of crime to be stomped out.
    • Hey Robotics? You know those clean bots and health bots you made? That alone increased the AI's control over the station by 500%. You best hope to god the AI isn't rogue when you make those additional sec bots.
    • If Silicons are a department, then the AI is the head. All borgs are well organized, kept in constant contact with, and well maintained so they can be the killing machines protectors the station needs.
    • If you're caught doing something bad, expect security to be notified, all doors around you to be instantly bolted, and an army of sec bots and borgs to show up to wallop you.
    • If there's a camera, the AI will see you. Not even the mining station is safe from the AI's gaze.
    • The AI might as well be an atmos tech with how well it can control the flow of the station's air supply.
    • Nukies will find every door they come across bolted shut, firelocks constantly crushing them, and their every movement tracked and relayed to the crew.
    • The only way you're gonna kill this AI is if you cheese it. That is, if you can find the AI. For you see, while you were planning your attack, the AI spotted you emmaging your way to the engineering EVA door. As you moved to the rear of the satellite, the AI got a borg to take it to safety of the AI upload while you were busy planting that bomb at the back of the AI satellite. 
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