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Made an ID Card for SS13 [Baldur Sauer]

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Spent all day making it, basically.

This is Version 1.8

If you want one, I can make it for you, but i'll need the following replied to this post:

  • SFW Image of Your Character/Avatar. [Preferably Facing Forwards.]
  • Character's Name
  • Job/Role You Wish To Use. [Determines Card, Stripe, and "Dot" Colors.] [You May Ask For Custom Color If You Wish.]
  • ID # (6 digits) [Otherwise I Can Use Your Forum ID #]
  • Optional: Will Add Additional Things. *IF I FEEL LIKE DOING SO

Avatar / Character Portrait credit to whomever made them. I made the cards themselves.

Edit: The fastest way to get in touch with me is discord: ErebusAres#9612


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added my discord name
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honestly if anyone wants a small  portrait done for one of these give me a yell!

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