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We have it but it's broken right now since it instantly ends the game when it starts

Revolution is pretty fun once in a while

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"every other station has it" isn't really a valid reason to add it back. 

In the case of a lower RP server such as tg, they're just fine with it revolving into a mass brawl team death match. That's not to bash on tg, it works pretty well for them.

And in the case of a higher RP server such as Baystation or Aurora, they have both rules and a community that enforces and abides by stricter standards. 

As for us, being MRP with our rules and player base puts Revolution into a very awkward position. We have nothing--and likely really can't add much--to prevent revolution from turning into a team death match murderbonefest that is unfun for many players to play and admins to administrate.

There are plenty of other subversion based antagonists as is, and outside of the occasional forced round by an admin's hand, it should remain off of rotation. 

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