(Xenobiology) Slime Expansion!

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Right now, as someone who really latched onto Xenobio for one of my "Get to know the game" areas back when...I quickly found out why people either get super bored and don't do it....or why they do it and cause hell with escaped sentients that cause trouble, or otherwise create hostiles that are an issue....It gets super boring, and once you get Red/Dark Blue/Yellow....your obligation to the station is pretty much done, unless golds are needed for DNA vault. (Personally I don't get bored, but it does get slow and meandering because I refuse to become one of those people who make a mess and issues.)

Anyway! Onto the idea! Using either a randomly picked gateway, or even a lavaland alternative, lets get some slime rancher in here! Xenobio would only start with a couple slimes, and instead of growing them, waiting for splits and colors...once fed enough, they produce a crystal...This crystal can be fed to other colors to make new colors...though at higher areas, the danger of creating a monsterous slime that cannot be used and require extermination. Cores would still be a thing, and used as they are now, but the crystals would be the paths for getting certain colors, and also a way for Science to make more money for the station in a way, or simply used themselves as a sort of new decorative construction component. Shiny crystal chairs, walls, ect. Could also cross into botany in that some slimes might not want to eat monkies/people (at first) but plant-matter (Beware Dionas!)

Coding Difficulty: I don't code, but suspect it'd be quite hard
Scope: Could be pretty large, thinking on it.
Balancing: Tricky, figuring out the "Mutation" chance for coloring slimes, and if they'd become a monster, or some rarer form of color (Imagine Rainbows being very rare, needing a very quick feeding of many other colors in an order, else monster!)

Was just...a random idea/suggest popped into my head after playing the game the idea is based on, and also so many people saying Xenobio is boring.

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