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Kyet's Tier Guide for Clowns & Clowning


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This is a guide to how to, and how NOT to, play Clowns.

Starting off from the lowest (worst) tier, and working our way up towards the best:

F Tier: Self Antag Clowns

  • These are clowns that do stuff that's worthy of bans/jobbans, thinking it is okay to break the server rules because they're a clown.
  • Examples include stealing the nuke or other antag theft objectives, murdering people, detonating bombs, etc.
  • It also includes clowns who actively make the life of the crew / survival of the crew more difficult, e.g: by lubing hallways on red alert.
  • Playing clown this way WILL get you a ban.

E Tier: Civilians in Disguise

  • These are clowns that make absolutely zero effort to do anything clown related the entire shift, and instead just act like civilians with access to one more room and a mask.
  • These clowns are difficult to notice... but equally, they are a complete waste of a clown slot.


D Tier: Slippy Mcgee

  • These are clowns that think that occasionally slipping people is all that clowns are expected to do.
  • They don't tell any jokes, or attempt to amuse the playerbase in general, they're effectively just assistants that occasionally use a banana peel to slip people for their own amusement. They don't care about entertaining the rest of the playerbase. They act for their own amusement - not the rest of the crew's.
  • They're D tier because they're acting like an assistant that found some peels at botany - not a proper clown.


C Tier: Honks McBadJokes

  • These are clowns that tell jokes throughout the shift, but none of their jokes are actually funny. They're just groan worthy.
  • Sure, they're technically meeting the requirements of the clown job... but they're doing so in a way that brings no actual joy to anyone.
  • Example: "What did the cannibal eating a clown say to the other cannibal? ... Does this taste funny to you?"
  • You can identify C-tier clowns because their jokes are met with groans, screams, and requests to stop by the crew.
  • They're trying to be entertaining, at least... but they are failing. They're "well, at least you tried" clowns.

B Tier: Honks McEntertainer

  • These are clowns that genuinely amuse the crew at least sometimes, but not in a consistent or super memorable way.
  • For example, a clown that have some bad jokes, but also some jokes that generate *clap responses from the crew and laughter from deadchat.
  • Or, a clown that constructs a bananium temple to clowning and demonstrates the correct use of *flip, bike horn, etc. People may remember them as decent clowns, but they won't become legends.
  • They're harmless, entertaining, but not super memorable.

A Tier: Honks McLegend

  • These are clowns that everyone remembers for how laugh-out-loud funny they were. Clowns which are appreciated/respected even by the people they prank.
  • For example, a clown that tells a joke which comes back around to make people laugh later. E.g: (Detective): "Clown, did you see this civilian kill the mime?" (Clown): "Well, I am not sure, all I can say for sure is that after the civilian was finished with him, he did not say a word." In this joke example, it could lead to funny situations later when sec finally understands the joke. Note: high tier jokes tend NOT to be so obvious that everyone gets them instantly. It is okay for people to take a minute to get it.
  • This tier of clown can also be earned by actions, such as a clown who ambushes a nuke ops squad as they come out of maint, slips them, steals some of their weapons and runs off. Non-combat actions that are hilarious for everyone, including the people who are pranked.
  • In general, reaching this tier of clowning requires that you have a wicked sense of humor, and really think carefully about how best to deploy it in any given situation. It is very difficult to pull off, and if you fall back to relying on a pre-arranged plan, you probably won't make it to this tier.
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Example: "What did the cannibal eating a clown say to the other cannibal? ... Does this taste funny to you?"

That's A+ hilarious

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